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$1050.00 for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from Clove UK

Yep that’s right if you are wanting to get one of those limited concept Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s you are going to have to fork out some serious cash.  The pre-orders for the Note Edge concept has just began over at Clove UK.  Many thought the device would have been something Samsung would have mass produced but then last week they announced that the only way to get your hand on this Galaxy Note would be if you were lucky enough to grab one of the limited produced concept version.

The Galaxy Note Edge comes with a very unique shape.  For those who have yet to see or hear about it, its a Note with a curved display on one side of the smartphone that wraps around the edge.  Hence the name Note Edge.  Because it is only going to be produced in limited numbers the prices of $1050.00 while high does seem right.


White Galaxy Note Edge

If you consider that many phones these days without contract will run you around $600-750.  The question is will people think its worth their money to get this limited concept.  Clove announced earlier in September 2014 that they will indeed have a few of these units stocked for purchase.  We are still not sure just how many of these Notes from Samsung will be produced.

While you can get Samsung Note Edge on pre-order there is not date as to when it will be in stock at there locations.  Would you be willing to spend a grand on a smartphone?  Do you think this Galaxy Note is worth the price?  There are no other phones like it on the market however the question is, if it does well Samsung decide to release it on mass production?

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