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2014-2015 Best 5 Top Android Apps for Photography

Photography can be a self hobby or can be a side job to improve your skill. But over the time, photography can look perfectly without a professional or sophisticated camera, because Android has supported features for professional photo editing. You don’t need to have high skill just to able resulting the best photo as you desire. These Android apps provides abundant pictures editor to improve the quality of picture you want to edit. Here are 5 Top Android Apps For Photography, most of them are 100% free.


Perfect365 One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365 actually is a new camera application that offers sophisticated feature for you. The appearance is really simple but consist from complex menu. There are a lot of effects you can apply to your photo, ranging from face, mouth, eyes, makeup tools and hair can be available for you. Perfect365 is designed for those who want to look so perfect with the right makeup for themselves. In addition, the use of Perfcet365 can help you to determine the best makeup for your face before you apply the real makeup to your face. Foundation, eye-shadow mascara and hair extension are also available at there to facilitate you look beautiful in photos.


Aviary is a comprehensive photo editing that allows you to do anything you want, even this app has features as well as on Windows software on PC. Among many cosmetics tool, there are something incredible from this app, is that situated in its cosmetics tools that eliminate dirt and blemishes on your face, make your skin looks so bright, meme generator and the one tap auto improve option. Overall, we regard that it is the most cherished Android photography apps.



Vignette Android Photo App

The next top android apps for photography is a Vigenette. This also includes as an excellent Android camera app that offers you more than 70 different effects and 50 frame styles to choose from. Beside that, every effect is able to be further customized with the help of over 20 custom settings. Lastly,  you can edit your own photos instantly as you take them, user-friendly and easy to operate!

Photography Trainer

Photography Trainer is another impressive photography app for Androids. Do you want to  be a professional photographer, but unlucky don’t know when you should start it?. A premium program for training probably will be more expensive, so why don’t you try take advantages from this good- tiny app?. This app trains you a step- by -step guide that is going to help you with your own D SLR, shutter speed, scene settings, ISO, aperture and so on. Impressively, it allows you can check out other photos, and see what settings you can use!

Photaf Panorrama Pro Version

From our list of top apps for a person doing photograpy¸ Photaf Panorrama Pro Version includes as the most perfect option for your Smartphone. This also supports for creating 360 degree panoramic photos you can choose. You can also capture panoramas vertically, horizontally and even in extra- HD quality. The only one thing to do is to keep your hand when take the best shot for your moments!

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