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2014-2015 Best Video Downloader Apps For Android Devices

Smartphones are becoming the most favorite device of using media now such as listen the music, using social network and watching videos especially Android devices. Of course you will feel unsatisfied when you have just watching or streaming the video without downloaded it. You can replay the videos by downloading them with video downloader apps which are available in the PlayStore.

The main function of video downloader app is that to help you to download the videos directly to your device from the website such as YouTube and many more. There are lots of video downloader apps which stand-by in the store, but only a few of them are truly the best for your Android smartphone. Don’t worry if you have no clue because we will show you 2014-2015 best video downloader apps.

Download Manager for Android

When comes to an app for our Android device that is just really cool this is the one.  The Download Manager App allows you to download any size or formatted file you need.  With this particular app you get a customized web browser that will lead you to a pager where you will notice a lot of quick links that send you to websites that feature lots of music, videos, and other files that are available for download.  All you have to do is find the link from the categories and click on the video you want and it will download for you.  You now have the video on your device to play back, watch or listen to whenever you want.

Logo for Download Manager for Android
Download Manager for Android

Best Features for this App:

  • Supports very large file sizes.
  • Allows you to download any file type you want if it is available.
  • For interrupted downloads there is a pause and resume option.
  • Allows you to speed up downloads.
  • Several tools are there that allow you to customize search, app, and files.
  • Video and music player are integrated into the app.

Video Downloader App

Like the rest of the video downloaders on this page you can get this app from Google Play Store.  It works almost like the Download Manager.  This app comes with an integrated web browser that provides you with functions for searching, finding and downloading videos to your Android device.  On the Video Downloader App you will find that it contains a tab the gives you your favorite options that is a set of short links to sites that you choose.  You can select any of the bookmarked places from favorites and using the search feature search for whatever video you want to download.  After finding a video you click the video whack will then enable a popup box that asks if you want to save the video with the name of your choosing.  Press save and you now had the video saved to your machine as the file name you choose.


Best Features of Video Downloader

  • Allows you to play the video while downloading.
  • For downloading you also have the pause and resume feature in case something interrupts the download.
  • Mov., mp4, and 3gp formats are supported.

Videoder Downloader

Videoder is a simple video downloader which allows you to download the video directly from the websites. You just need to search the video you want to download and the app will integrate with your phone’s browser. Once you find it, click the video then. It pop-up your video details with the resolutions which you want to download. After all, you should click one of the links and the video will be saved on your phone’s storage. There are some key features on this app; they are quick download, simple interface, supports large files and various format, play without download and preview option before download.

FVD – Free Video Downloader

One of the better downloaders out there is the Free Video Downloader or FVD. The first step to download the video is that you need touch or click Open Browser button once you open this app. It will show you what browser you will use to download the videos. Then you just find or search what videos you want and click on the video. It shows you the video information and a download button on the pop-up screen. At last your video will be saved on your device. The key features of this app are multiple downloads support, different video formats and a complex interface but easy to download.

FVD - Free Video Downloader Logo
Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader another Android downloader app you can use for video downloads. 2Easy Team is the developer of this app who has been one of the best trusted developers through Play Store. However, before you use this app you need to download the web browsers which are compatible. You can search it before you open this app. Once you have the browser, you can find the video which you want to download. You will be showed by pop-up window when you got your video. Then, you should select this app in order to download your video. The key features are support pause and download feature, quick download, support large files, and easy interface.

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