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2014 Best Antivirus for Android Operating System

If you have an Android smartphone then you know how important security is. Like everything else protection is key to safety and doing what needs to be done should never be taken for granted. For Android this is especially true as this operating system is an open-sourced one meaning is it more likely and vulnerable to different threats and attacks to the security trying to breach your phone.  So if you have an Android based OS you need to make sure you have a security solution in place.

Today we take a look at 2014 best antivirus for Android OS smartphones.  Remember an anti-virus software is something you use to help protect, prevent, detect, and remove unwanted harmful and malicious things like software and programs that could have hacked into your phone and steal information and or damage your phone.  Below are the Top 3 Best Antivirus to download for your Android devices.

360 Security for Your Android

With over 3 million downloads to date, 360 is one of the best out there for protection your Android device.  360 Security is a complete security solution and does more than the regular anti virus solution.  If you are concerned about malware, viruses, system issues and vulnerabilities and even privacy risks this is one program you should definitely take a look at and download.

Best Antivirus for Android - 360 Security
360 Security for Android

Protect Your OS with CM Security


Probably one of the best if not the best Android Anti-virus app out there is CM Security.  The flawless solutions speaks for itself if you were to look at the number of times it has been downloaded since its release.  We are talking over 5 million downloads and most of the people who have download it rate it 5 out of 5 stars.  To speak of the security solution that CM Security brings lets look at Shell Shock.

ShellShock is perhaps one of the most common flaw with operating systems.  What this means is that there is a flaw in the web that allow hackers to penetrate and steal personal data.  While it is considered one of the most severe of security risks over that past few years CM Security is usually able to overcome and help protect against even ShellShock.

CM Security AppLock - Antivirus Android

Avast Mobile Security for Your Smartphone

While Avast may be known for a computer or laptop antivirus they also protect for mobile.  Known as a premier antivirus and protection company Avast is available for both Windows based PC’s and free to users that are using it for personal and not commercial usage.  With app manager, scanners and protectors for viruses and firewalls this is a sure winner if you are looking for a anti-virus for your Android.

Well there you have three of the best anti viruses for Android devices for 2014.  If you want to protect against hackers and people out to break the law and steal data and personal information get the protection you need.  Having one of the best antivirus for Android phones can help you at least until something better comes out for 2015.

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