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2014 Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Laptops

Top 5 best puzzle games for laptops, this will be something that is looked for by people who love to play puzzle game on laptop. There are plenty puzzle games around but, finding the right one might be not easy, so that, here I give you some collection of best puzzle game which you can play on your laptop. Moreover, you can play all of the games free by playing it online or simply download the game to your laptop. So then, without beating around the bush, here are they. The best number one is Luxor. This puzzle game requires you to be a quick thinker, but in the same time you need to play it in safe since you need to avoid the spheres to enter the pyramid.

You can play this game online for free and unlimited time or you can download the game free for trial. But if you want to purchase the game, it takes about $9.99. System requirements for this game are windows 98/XP and higher, Pentium 2 (300 Mhz) or equivalent, and you need to provide 128 MB ram. The best number two of top 5 puzzle games for notebooks is Chuzzle Deluxe. This game is typical classic puzzle game that offers you with four distinctive game modes. This game is brought to you by the Zuma and Bejeweled creator.

Similar with Luxor, you can play this game online for unlimited time, download the trial, or simply purchase the game for $9.99. The system requirements for this best puzzle game for your laptop like Chuzzle Deluxe are similar with Luxor. The best number three of puzzle game you can opt is Azteca Puzzle. This kind of game puzzle looks almost similar with Luxor, since you need to match checkered clay disks. However, unlike the both two puzzle games above, you can have this game full version with no cost.

Big Kahuna Reef 2
Best Puzzle Games of 2014 for Laptops and PCs

The system requirements for this game are bit different, they are; Windows 95 to windows 7, 800 Mhz (processor) or higher than that, 1024Mb for RAM, DirectX compatible sound board and directX 9.0 minimum or higher. The next top 5 best puzzle game for laptop is Tumblebugs, like any other puzzle games, you need to need to match the color to get rid the enemy to win the game. Even so, this game will never bore you, since this game has plenty levels to challenge you. To have this game full version in your laptop you need to pay $9.99 or you can try the trial version.

If you dislike to pay and to try the trial version, then you can play it online for unlimited time. The last one is Big Kahuna Reef. Even though, this puzzle game is published in 2005, but this game is addictive. You can play this game together with your family or friends which can level up the enjoyment of the game. Furthermore, this game has a beautiful sound and graphic you will admire for. Moreover, this top 5 best puzzle game for laptop available in two modes you can choose.

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