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2014 Top 5 Volume Boost Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod

If you are like many you know that the iOS doesn’t come with the best sound in the world.  While it can get the job done many have been awaiting the best Volume Boosters list since the year began.  Well below you have the Top 5 Volume Boost Apps for your Apple device for 2014.

Kaiser Tone – Audio Player

If you are looking that has a sound frequency of around 4000+ that you are going to be happy with this booster.  You will get support for playback and expect very good sound quality.  Many tend to think that just like its app logo it is indeed the king of boosting volume for all iOS devices.

Bass Boost

Bass Booster Pro

If you are looking to do more than barely hear what you are listening too then take your sound to the next level with this booster.  If you want to experience Apple devices with top notch sound this is a must app for you to download.

Superloud Standard


Wouldn’t it be great if the standard of iOS machines were superloud? It doesn’t matter what genre of music you listen to or movies and videos the app booster gets the sound right.  And there is so much more that you can do with this once you have downloaded it.  You can pick it up right from Apple iTunes.


If you have downloaded volume increasers before in the past then you don’t need us to tell you much about this app.  This has a fully configurable parametric and you can swipe up and down on the hz, dB, and Q labels to control and filter parameters.

SonicMax Pro

SonicMax Pro Logo

Is loud really not loud enough for you?  Okay well if you fit that type of sound desire this is the one app that surely can help meet your standards when it comes to extremely loud sound.  This is design for one purpose and one purpose only, deliver the best quality loudest sound possible to your device.  It is not too expensive and comes with a user-friendly interface.

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