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5 Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop

Let’s just face it you use your laptop a lot and it takes a lot of beating up. When you have spent so much money and it is so important you really should make sure it is taken care of properly. Today we are going to look at giving you tips on how to take good care of your laptop.

It is very important to make sure you take care of your laptop as it better to prevent something from happening as oppose to trying to fix something that has already occurred. When it comes to taking care of your laptop there are a number of things that can be done. Today are going to list our top 5 tips to make sure you take care of your machine if you would like to learn how to speed up your laptop visit here.

Food and Drinks Away from The Laptop

While it may be fun to go to a cafe and do some work or catch up with friends this is really not how you want to use your laptop. You see it all to often someone is eating or drinking something and either they are not paying attention or someone bumps them. Before you know it you have hot coffee, soda, water or some type of liquid from the food you were eating all in your notebook.

We are not saying that you can’t eat are drink near your laptop but you really need to be very careful and cautious. The best things to do are to make sure all cups have spill proof lids or find a cover that protects your laptop.

What you have to understand is that liquids can damage the internal components of your laptop. This can lead to electoral injury, short circuits and even lose of data. Keep food and drinks away from your precious laptop.

Take Care of the Cord

I don’t know if you do it but I have seen it all too often. Instead of taking the time to pull the power cord from the outlet people will jerk it out. Not only can you break off the plug but you can damage the outlet and cord itself.

Another issue is with the power cord being on the floor around your chair. Many times people will make sure they have a long cord for their laptop. The problem is that the chair will consistently roll over the cord either damaging it or wrapping it up.

If you are not careful you could easily pull the laptop off the desk when you are moving your chair to and from your desk. Now you have a laptop that has just dropped on a hard floor.

How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop
Few useful tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop

Pay Attention to The Details

Sometimes we are not paying attention and all the slots look like they are the same and the same size but they are not. Plugging in the wrong device into the wrong slot can cause harmful damage to both the laptop and the device.

Ever tired to plug in a power cord into the USB slot or a phone line into the Ethernet port? It happens but things like these can really be avoided so that you don’t damage your laptop.

Temperatures Can Really Damage Your Laptop

If you really want a tip on how to take good care of your laptop make sure not kill it with temperatures and temperature changes. If possible avoid having your laptop in the heat and leaving it in the car is a no no. Not only can the heat damage the laptop but you are asking for trouble leaving it in a visible space where people can see it.

Also if you live in a cold area you don’t want to use it if you just bought in from outdoors. You really should wait until it warms up to at least room temperature so you don’t have to worry as much about condensation damaging the inside.

Cases, Bags, and Cleaning

You may not want to but much like everything else your laptop could use a good cleaning every once and awhile. By cleaning it you help get rid of dust and debris that could potentially clog up the fans which would reduce air flow and could cause overheating.

Cases and bags help protect our laptop from falls and things being dropped on it. Make sure the case you buy or make fits the size laptop you have. Having one that is too small is not going to help you take care of your laptop very much. Case help against scratches, dropping and even squeezing your laptop.

There are a lot of other tips on how to take good care of your laptop but these are by far our favorite. We have a couple of more that we will put together and share as well so that you will have all the information you need to make sure your laptop lasts as long as possible. What are some things you do to make sure you taking care of your laptop? Don’t forget to check our tips to saving battery life.

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