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6 Simple and Easy Tips to Help Secure Your Laptop

Look you spent a lot of money on your laptop and even if its old now you probably have a lot of valuable data on it. The last thing you need to happen is someone stealing your laptop. Many people will tell you how to stop people from stealing the laptop itself but today we want to discuss tips to help secure your laptop in general. For some of use the information on our notebooks are more valuable then the actual laptop.

People often make the mistake of not securing their laptops because they use it at home or work so much and don’t worry or think that no one has time to steal it.  Well you need to both protect if from being stolen as well as someone stealing the data. Remember a person and easily inject harmful software or steal information in a matter of seconds and minutes.

Install Internet Security Software
There are a lot of great internet security applications that you can download and install on your laptop to help secure it, especially if you use Microsoft Windows as the operating system. A few of the best are Norton Internet Security, McAfee Internet software and Microsoft Security Essential. These software applications are very useful in helping to make sure that your laptop is both secured and safe. For most of them you can install the free Trial Versions to test and see if you like them.  If you like one of the trial versions you can then go, purchase and download the full version which will give you more protection for your laptop.

Please Just Use a Password

You would think one of the first things people would do when they purchase a laptop would be to put a password on it to protect it. Wrong a lot of people feel that its just to much of hassle and never put one on.

Our suggestion is that as soon as you get your new machine or old machine home is that you encrypt it with a password. Make sure the password for your notebook is set up so that you have to enter a password every time you turn it on and when it comes out of sleep, screensaver or hibernation modes.

As with any other password don’t use the same password that you use for everything else and make sure its not something that could be easily figured out. Take some time and put thought into a good password to help secure your laptop. Letters, upper and lower-case, numbers, symbols and all would make are great password.

Remember the password to your computer is just the first line of defense so you are already losing the battle if you are trying to protect information from being stolen and you don’t even have a sign in password.

Cut Back on the Sleep Mode Time

So you have a password on your laptop great!!! But why do you have the sleep time to come on after five minutes of inactivity. That is a long time for your notebook/tablet to just site there. By the time you get back someone could have easily gotten on your computer and stolen the files the before you get back.


Trust us five minutes is a long time. Don’t believe it. Sit down and watch your clock for five minutes and just see how much could get done. Set your sleep mode to a shorter time frame and even then I would set my laptop to that when I close it, it automatically locks and requires password to get on.

Actually Lock The Laptop Up

Yes some of the other tips have to do with people getting on your laptop and stealing information. However in this case to secure your laptop from theft we want you to lock up up to the laptop itself as well as the information on it is hard to get.

One of the best ways to secure your laptop from theft is to use a metal cable that you can use to secure the laptop to something else that can’t be moved. Many people use the Kensington lock and while these type of locks are not 100% to keep away thieves it does help at lot. For the most part the only way to steal the laptop with a cable lock is to cut it. Not many people are walking around with cable cutters.

Tips to Help Secure Your Laptop
Easy Tips to Help Secure Your Laptop

Try Getting Your Name and Number on It

One idea is to engrave your name and number on the bottom of the laptop. This works well if you don’t mind the possibilities of a lot of people seeing your personal number. The number and contact information needs to be somewhere that can be easily found.

Putting something like if sold please call this number to make sure laptop was not stolen could work but I am sure if the buyer is getting a good deal they probably won’t care.

LowJack or Other Laptop Services

Of all the other tips to help secure your laptop this is one that works basically after its already stolen. There are a lot of companies out there that offer tracking services for stolen notebooks. Basically you sign up and register, enter you computer information and some other stuff and they will track your laptop and you can find it if it is stolen.

I have never used them before but hear they are great and are cost efficient. In many cases you can get a 3 year subscription for about $100.

So there you have it. If you are needed some ways to help you secure your laptop there you go. If you have any other tips or trick for securing a laptop please let us know and we will add them to the list here. Don’t forget to check few simple tips to save the Laptop Battery.

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