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Acer Aspire V5-132-2489 11.6″ Celeron Budget Laptop Specs and Review

When it comes to buying a laptop you have some people that get all upset when you say a particular laptop will be good enough for what they do.  I guess they feel as though you are making it appear as if they are not a tech or power user.  To be honest most people really only use the notebooks for office suite, emails, videos, and surfing the net.  However they don’t want to be told they don’t need a high end laptops.

If you are someone who know he/she will just be browsing the web, reading the news or some books, playing a little bit of games, basic office stuff like word processing and spreadsheets then we have the laptop for you.  The Acer Aspire V5-132-2489 will take care of most if not all of the needs you have for only $350. The particular notebook comes with the Intel Celeron 1019Y dual core processor that has a clock speed of 1.0GHz.

As one could guess from the processor this is not a heavy duty machine and not made for the hardcore user.  So if you are the type who loves to have a lot of windows and applications open while playing video this is not the right laptop for you.  However this Acer Aspire is great for the student or home user that will just be doing some document editing and light internet browsing.  You can surely still play HD videos on here just don’t try having too many other things going on at the same time.

The V5-132-2489 Acer Aspire comes with the Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit OS and measures in at 11.4 x 8.1 x 0.8 inches and weighs in at 2.8 pounds.  So yes this is a very portable device but you will find that many don’t this notebook as the feel it is too cheap and not one of the higher ends laptops.  Remember you are paying sub $400 for this machine so some of the more high quality things have been left off such as no HDMI output ports.

Acer Aspire V5-132-2489 Budget Laptop
Aspire V5-132-2489 from Acer

They are some variations of Acer Aspire V5 you can opt, and one of them is Acer Aspire V5-132-2489. This laptop PC, even though, the appearance looks tiny, it does not meant this kind of laptop PC is typical ultra-book laptop instead, this is typical mainstream laptop PC. The operating system that is applied in is windows 8 which are more secure and more interested compared to the previous windows version. When it comes to performance, you will discover dual core processor like Intel core 1019Y along with 1.0GHz CPU speed.


Acer V5-132-2489 is also combined with Intel HD graphics that ease you to watch movie or play such game. If you want to bring around this laptop PC on vacation or just doing your stuff outside, you can rely on this laptop PC. Since it features typical battery (2640mAh battery capacity) that last long, it means you do not need to immediately re-charge the battery when you use it. For each day task, this typical laptop PC is able to handle about 4 GB memories to handle word editing, browsing, emailing, or any other simple tasks. You can also play game with this laptop PC, but with such game that is not so demanding.

It is because the Aspire V5-132-2489 is not destined to do such heavy duty application, but such basic thing. But, don’t you take this laptop PC easily, since it can do many simple jobs smoothly. Then, it comes to other features. Since, this type of laptop PC mainstream, so that you can’t expect much for this laptop except its function as laptop, unlike ultrabook type which you can convert as tablet. But the good think about it, it means you don’t need to spend big amount of money. It is because a laptop PC with tablet hybrid feature is known less economical.

The other features that you possibly get from the V5-132-2489 Acer laptop are Bluetooth, webcam, card reader, and LED backlit keyboard (which ease you to type even in low light condition). Since, this laptop PC is typical lightweight laptop (2.76 lbs) so then you will not discover optical device on it. Since the addition of optical device means the addition of weight. However, if you want to have one you can purchase it separately. Then, let take the spot to the storage capacity. Even though, the storage only from the hard drive but, the capacity that you get is huge (500 GB).

Having that huge storage capacity means you have more than enough space to save files, movies, pictures, games, or some simple applications. Then, when it comes to the display, this kind of laptop PC has 11.6” screen size which make you can easily take the laptop around with you anywhere you go. The resolution that is offered by this laptop PC is 1366 x 768 which is comfortable and clear enough to enjoy. Lastly, when it comes to cost, you need only spend about $349.99 to bring this Acer Aspire V5-132-2489 home.

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