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AppGuard Best Malware and Antivirus Software Review Free Download

The virus of Malware attacks is frightened to the owners of the computer, PCs, laptops, or else. It is because the virus can spread to the entire computer and the data will be all gone. It is a frightening thing to consider even when all of the data is very important and you cannot live without the data you have gathered. Then, you need to rely on the software that can help you in backing up all of the data and even against the attacks of the Malware virus. People can say that there is a list of antivirus software that can help them to be away from such virus and protect the data. AppGuard is an application that has the same features as the antivirus but they can remain different things.

AppGuard – It is Similar but Different
AppGuard might be similar to those names of the antivirus yet they are actually different and they are not same. It means that they have some differences either in the working system or else. People will have their description about the perfect antivirus to block some malicious programs. There will be some utilities that will also block the programs in non-malicious. In fact, this software will not block every single program which is more subtle rather than those expectations.

The positive aspect of this AppGuard is that it is simple and quick in the installation. This application will prevents any access for the virus to some memory of the programs. It can crank down the protection easily in installing and updating some valid programs. In contrast, the bad aspect of it is that the restriction can actually cause some other programs will not work well. When there are some errors in the configuration can further cause more serious problems. Some serious problems could lead to other data loss, missing data, or other kinds of problems.

AppGuard software
AppGuard Antivirus and Mallware Software

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As a part of against the malware attack, AppGuard will block the unfamiliar programs from any kinds of sites which are preferred by the malware. The idea of installing this application guard is actually a snap and it will go to do its duty after the users reboot the computer. The Medium level of this application will keep update itself. When you are not allowed to do this, “Locked Down” can be chosen and there will never be some updates or installations might come out.

It will present an installation that needs all the users to allow the process of whitelist or to blacklist. When there are more things come out, it will be simply block and the users need to unblock it when they think that this site is not harmful. Sometimes it is complicated indeed, but they work as the basic working process. The treatment of the AppGuard will be launched by the all the users based on each situation. Some people say that some products of the antivirus might be considered as same as the AppGuard. One of the examples is called Avast 2014. So what do you think? Yeah, like other Antivirus application from other developer, this software also offer free trial for 10 days, so you can decide if need or not to buy the full version.

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