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Bandcamp to Allow Music Subscriptions Created by Artists

Bandcamp App

If you are an Artist chances are you want every opportunity to control who and how much your music is downloaded.  Especially if it is a way for you to control and monetize it.  Well for those of you who are interested in getting a way to get help with a streaming based plan for your music the Bandcamp is here to help. The company has long been a favorite for musicians who wanted to sell both their music and ...

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miZX FLUX App By adidas AG to Customize Your Shoes

Custom Adidas - miZX Flux

More than six months ago there was talk about the Photo Print ZX Flux line of sneakers from Adidas.  All the talk was about the ability of being able to customize your own pair of sneakers using a mobile application.  About four months ago Adidas lovers across Europe were able to start using the app to make their own custom ZX Flux. We are sure they were able to come up with some crazy and great ideas but not much ...

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How to Download Hotmail Messenger To Your PC or Laptop

Hotmail Skype Messenger

For many in this day and age it may seem like Hotmail Messenger should be a thing of the past.  The fact is though that a lot of people are still using it or want to use it.  Some simply just don’t know how to get it and download it to there device.  If you are one of those people who just don’t like using Messenger anymore this post is not for you.  However for those loyal users who still ...

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2014-2015 Best Video Downloader Apps For Android Devices

Logo for Download Manager for Android

Smartphones are becoming the most favorite device of using media now such as listen the music, using social network and watching videos especially Android devices. Of course you will feel unsatisfied when you have just watching or streaming the video without downloaded it. You can replay the videos by downloading them with video downloader apps which are available in the PlayStore. The main function of video downloader app is that to help you to download the videos directly to your ...

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WhatsApp Now Has Blue Checks and Will Remain Free In Developing Countries

WhatsApp Logo

What’s that you say?  WhatsApp now has blue checks?  Yesterday the WhatsApp team pushed through a feature that will allow a new feature to show you when someone has read your message you sent to them.  You don’t need to download an upgraded version as this was apparently already done on the server side of the app. For a company that is clearly already worth a lot of many it must be very popular as tons people are downloading and ...

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High Quality Useful Android Apps for Graphic Designers

Logo for Infinite Design

If you are a graphic designer then chances are that you want to be able to rely on something other than your desktop or laptop for the only two platforms that you can use for graphic purposes.  Over the years and advances in technology you can now use both your tablets and smartphones when something comes to mind and you want to capture it or doodle it. When it comes to having something that will give you the opportunity to ...

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