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Asus F751LDV White Notebook

Asus F751LDV-TY178H 17.3 Inch Notebook Laptop Review (1TB Hard Drive)

Is it best to be an all-around laptop or a laser focused machine that caters to a specific group or niche?  With the new F751LDV-TY231H 17.3 Inch Notebook ASUS was looking to create a device that would be able to suit different needs and wear different hats if needed.  This new notebook the ASUS F751LDV was suppose to be be the one size fits all but did it work out?  When it comes to the F751L line from  the company its about striking the perfect balance. The balance between prices, performance, and mobility and making sure that you don’t loss one in order to make the others better.  To be able to achieve this goal they looked to he Intel Core i5, and using the Nvidia GeForce 820M aligned with 8GB of memory to start things off then you add in the Seagate 1TB HDD for all your storage needs.  Let’s not forget to mention all of this along with a nice large 17.3 inch screen and you are looking at a machine that will cost you around $800 or so.

When you are spending over $800 on a laptop it better perform well so the first thing we wanted to look at is the performance of this ASUS F751LDV-TY231H.  The notebook features the Intel Core i5-4210U which is something you would normally find in the smaller sized laptops.  The reason that the little laptops use this is because this processor has a low TDP.  In order to find a reasonable balance of both performance and mobility ASUS gave the laptop the i5 along with 1.7GHz and Turbo Boost put to 2.4GHz for the dual-core mode.  The system performed well and when it comes to loading applications it was decently fast.  For storage there is the Seagate at 5400RPM and if you are a multimedia person the graphics card should surely handle what you need.  The Nvidia GeForce 820M will run most games on a lower graphics setting and also with the graphics card you will get a low performance Intel HD graphics.  The reason behind having both is so that it will allow the lower performing Intel HD to take over when their are clearly no programs that need performance.

As mentioned this F751LDV from ASUS can work with some of the more modern games but this was not built for gaming.  There are a lot better notebooks for gaming but this one will handle medium to high settings for the most part without any hiccups.  The fan doesn’t make too much noise and does a good job of keeping this laptop cool.  When it comes to the battery you are looking at about five and a half hours of when the notebook is in energy mode and if you are pushing it and surfing the web you are looking at the F751LDV-TY231H lasting about 3 hours and 25 minutes.  For the sound you could expect more but you just aren’t going to get it from this machine.  While it comes with the SonicMaster you will notice that the speakers just seems low even when turned completely up.  There is not much in the instance of bass and treble could be turned up just a notch.  Overall they are decent sounded speakers but headphones would serve you better.


F751LDV-TY178H from ASUS
For design this laptop is made out of a matte plastic casing and have different patterns on them.  The one thing you will notice is that the outside of the ASUS has a rough surface that is great for grip and makes it hard for the device to slip.  The device measures 47 x 36 x 8.4 cm and weighs 2.8kg (6.17lbs).  The laptop is heavy and appears to dent easily if dropped.  There is no room or place that seems to allow for you to work on the machine if it needs maintenance and the battery is not removable.  It is a okay machine though we would have like to have seen more but this is a all-around device and compromises have been made.

Connectivity it bought to you with the standard offered by this ASUS 17.3″ laptop.  You get no USB 2.0 ports however you do get 3 USB 3.0 ports, Kensington lock, 1 Ethernet port, and HDMI out all located on the left side near the front.  The SD-card reader in on located in the front and the DVD drive and power socket or on the right.  With the Asus F751LDV-TY231H you also get Webcam with 1.3MP, chiclet keyboard with no backlit and the Microsoft Windows 8 64 Bit operating system.  The keyboard well give you an okay typing experience and the keys have been roughen to add grip.  When you use the number pad you will notice that it is smaller and will take some getting use to.  The touchpad is large and covers 10.5 x 7.3cm with two buttons. It is smooth and the sensitivity is very consistent.

The display of this 17.3″ laptop comes with a max screen resolution of 1600 x 900 and is matte to help fight against reflections.  The trade off with having the matte screen however is that the colors are not as bright and vibrant.  If a great display is what you want and need this just isn’t going to cut it for you.  Someone in the graphic design or image editing profession should not buy this for use to work on.  It also lacks good viewing angles as many other of the TN screens out there.  If several people need to view your work or something on the display there are going to be problems as this just is built for this.

The bottom line is that this was an attempt to create an all-around laptop.  The ASUS F751LDV-TY178H is surely good for those needing a laptop that covers a little bit of everything.  The only problem is that is does every just ok and nothing very well.  Its a decent laptop but if you need a great screen or something for PC gaming there are just better devices on the market.  For gaming you have the ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 that is a beast and if you are a business person the Lenovo ThinkPad E555.  In all however if you want to just compare to other laptop in the same space this one is on par with them.  When it comes to this ASUS its all about preference and whether or not you want this one.  This is a decent laptop that offers the complete package but there are others out there as well.

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