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Asus TD300LA Upcoming 11.6 inch Hybrid Laptop with Intel Haswell

As one of the leading brands in the field of the laptop or related gadget, Asus seems to be hard working in finding the new feature which is combining both the laptop and the tablet into a single processor. Could it even be possible these days? Well, there is nothing impossible in these days since there are a lots of improvement made by the researchers. Asus TD300LA tablet/hybrid laptop, the latest Taiwanese product are aimed to provide the best laptop function for work and tablet for play into a stunning package.

The Beneficial Features of the Asus TD300LA

The upcoming laptop that will be released in this year is called Asus TD300LA. This laptop is believed as the combination of both features of tablet and laptop hybrid with the Intel Haswell processor. Perhaps this way of thinking is developed from the previous type of the laptop which has not been combined with the features of the tablet. Rather than waiting for the other brands to produce and release the upcoming laptop tablet into the market.

The news about this upcoming tablet laptop has been received by some sources as cited by the German site called MobileGeeks. However, before deciding to buy it as the partner of you’re working progress, people and some gadget users need to know some information about this Asus TD300LA. This exciting gadget will be spread around January 2014. During the press conference held on the 6th January 2014, this product will be officially released.

Asus TD300LA upcoming laptop
Asus TD300LA leaked information

What to Know More about this Asus TD300LA?


Like Sony Vaio Fit 13A Flip PC SVF13N17PXB hybrid, the TD300LA is the upcoming product that will be enjoyed in a single device with tons of features. It means that all the users can easily enjoy the features of the tablet and also a detachable keyboard dock. The display of this upcoming Asus would be support a 1366 x 768 pixel native resolution. The users may choose the options whether they are going to use the processor of the Intel Core i3-4020Y or the 4th Intel Core i7-4610Y processor. This display is meant to provide the best performance in smaller screen in 11.6 inch. Asus device will use the help of the GFXBenchmark listing.

Specifically, those two chips are made in the quad-core processors with the help of the Intel HD Graphics. Intel HD Graphics will not be undoubtful when it comes the facility or feature of the gadget to offer greater, faster and also improved performance to the users. This type of graphics cards also can handle almost all daily mobile computing tasks with ease.

The battery will lasts longer too. Based on the Haswell technology, they are all low power chips that will offer the users the long life battery and also the fast performance. This Asus TD300LA will be the expansion of the previous Asus T100TA which is convertible in Intel Atom processor. The most important part of this Asus TD300LA laptop is the operating system that can run for both Windows and Android. It means that no matter the system you have picked, you can use it in this laptop tablet. Make sure that you will loose this chance of getting this effective gadget. If you need those laptop now, we suggest you to check Toshiba Satellite Click W35Dt-A3300 13.3 inch for alternative.

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