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AT&T Offers 30 Months to Pay for Smartphone Using Next 24 Plan

Always wanted to get the phone of your dreams but just don’t have the money to pay for the one you want upfront?  Well now AT&T has a solution for customers a longer amount of time to pay for their new smartphones.  The great thing is that you can get these phones with $0 down.  Starting on November 9, 2014 the new NEXT 24 plan will allow people to take up to 30 months to pay off the smartphone.

For those who like the old plan AT&T will still be offering both the Next 12 and Next 18 plans.  For those plans you can payoff your phone in 20 and 24 months.  With all of these plans you will be able to upgrade to a new smartphone as long as you bring your current phone back to the carrier in very good condition.


While you can certainly now pay less per month for a newer version of the latest phones the Next 24 plan is going to take you six months longer to pay off the smartphone and upgrade to a new device.  The carrier also mentioned today that starting today, any person who moves to them from another carrier and activates a new line of service with them to the AT&T Next will get a $150 credit towards their bill.

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So do you want to go with a longer plan with lower monthly payments or a short plan with a little higher payments?  Some people don’t want to make monthly payments at all and simply buy their device outright.  The choice is up to you but its great to have options if you are not sure what works best for you.

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