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Back Up Your Information Online Using iDrive Pro Personal

When if comes to backing up your information in a secure place online many if not most of us have used or have of Carbonite. There is however other choices for backing up your personal information online and today we look at iDrive Pro Personal.

IDrive Pro Personal allows you to back up your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android using the cloud. The one thing that may be a bother is the fact that IDrive does not offer any unlimited storage options for its users. With that being said however, there are many reasons to go with iDrive Pro Personal for backing up your information.

About IDrive Pro and Its Choices

iDrive allows you to use it for free with up to 5GB of free storage if you need more you can get up to 1TB by signing up for a yearly subscription. There are accounts available for both business and personal usage. The personal accounts offer: 5GB, 150GB, 500GB, and 1000GB.

For the pricing you get the 5GB for free and for the 1000GB it is $239.60. The other prices are $39.60 for the 150GB and $119.60 for 500GB. The good thing is that you can actually get free storage by like them on Facebook and/or installing the app on your smartphone or tablet.

IDrive Pro Personal Review
IDrive Pro Personal Backup

Backup Multiple Types of Devices Securely

When it comes to safety iDrive makes sure your files and information are safely kept. The servers at with them are on 256-bit AES encryption and they make sure that the only person viewing your information is you.

The software can be downloaded on whatever device you plan to back up. If you want to back up your desktop or mobile devices you simply download the application that fits your needs. Once you download the application to your device or devices backups start once installed.


You will be able to see your PC files on your mobile and your mobile files on your PC. You don’t need the app to see your files as they also have a web interface.

Features of iDrive Pro Personal Backup

This application features continuous backup in real time. Meaning whenever there are changes made to your computer or device it is backed up to iDrive. Time slots for continuous backups are set to 10, 30 and 60 minute time intervals. Daily backups still run however this is only good for files that are 500MD or less.

Incremental backups are great when you don’t want to spend all day backing up a file. If you have a file that is just one big huge mess of a space and time sucker you can choose incremental backup.

What this does is only backup and save the part of the file that changed. You don’t have to wait for the entire file to be backed up again. Archiving is also very useful as it backed up files stay on iDrive even if they are deleted from your computer.  Some people may see this a good or bad thing.

These are just some of the features of iDrive Pro Personal. Other features such as scheduler and restore are definitely worth checking out.

What We Think

We think that iDrive Pro Personal is definitely worth checking out. I have a lot of great features and is easy to use. Set up is easy and within no time you will have your files backed up. With the iDrive Express you can even have them send you a temporary storage device to transfer up to 1TB and ship the device back to save time.

Aside from not knowing the company that well we think the only hiccup will be with pricing. Most of the plans available are a little bit more than we are use to seeing from their competitors and many offer unlimited storage. However, 1TB is a lot of space for your average computer user. Don’t forget to also check our tips to Check Hard Drive Health.

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