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Bandcamp to Allow Music Subscriptions Created by Artists

If you are an Artist chances are you want every opportunity to control who and how much your music is downloaded.  Especially if it is a way for you to control and monetize it.  Well for those of you who are interested in getting a way to get help with a streaming based plan for your music the Bandcamp is here to help.

The company has long been a favorite for musicians who wanted to sell both their music and merchandise over the years.  They are now looking to take the app to the next level and offer a solution for musics by looking more into subscription plans for music.  What the app will do is help musicians is to create a plan for their music and allow people to gain access to the newer music as they made available on Bandcamp app.

Now the artists have more control and while fans can both access and download tunes the artist or group will be able to decide if they want to include other perks for the listeners who actually join and get the subscription.  Whether you want to release just one track or a whole album it will really be up to you and the great thing is you as the artist can decide on whether the subscribers are can get the music for limited amount of time or if it will be exclusive.


One of the other goal the app seeks to achieve is allowing the artist to decide for themselves how much they want to charge for the plan.  Of course Bandcamp will take the same percentage it does with current regular sales which is 15%.  Once sales reach $5000 the fee will drop to 10 percent.

Finally another option for artist to make some money from their hardwork.  Not only that but this gives some fans who simply want all of the favorite group or artist the chance to get every thing they put out.  Only time will tell just how will this will go but artist seem happy to have more and more control over how to release their work while getting something for it.  From the chief executive Ethan Diamond, “the whole motivation here is that when you get to a point that you love an artist –at some point you just want everything they make.”

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