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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Battle Game Review and System Requirements

Build Your Protection Wall in the Battlefield 4 (BF4). The higher the wall made by the people, the better protection that they have in the future. Yes, it sounds very clearly to the people’s mind so that they can have a passion to build their own wall and improve their self-protection. Even the parents usually give some nice words such as “Build the highest wall to yourself so that you will be able to reach the dream that you have been dreaming of” to their children so that they will keep in mind that the more walls they build, the safer they will be.

People who aspire to build their protection walls in the future could be in the urge of seeing it virtually. It means that before pouring it into the reality, people can take a look at the result virtually that they will find out. Battlefield 4 is the game related to those walls and also battles. In other words, the writers ask all of the readers to be the players of this game. There are some modes in this game and campaign mode is one of them. The campaign mode is available for all the users to unlock and grab more weapons to be used for the later mode.

Battlefield 4 Game
Battlefield 4 Battle Game

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The pro about this Battlefield 4 is that it has some destructible environments. All the effects used are totally realistic. In the mode of the online version that enables the users to join the multiplayer game, there are more than 60 players worldwide that you can meet and get along well. The users will get the dramatic feeling in realistic, detailed, clear, and also vivid graphics. The bad is that the duration of the campaign mode is very short. The map during the multiplayer game is not fun due to the lack of the cover placements.


Battlefield 4 Trailer

The plot in this new Battle game is about the Tombstone squad. It is actually a team of the marines that are sent into the area of China in order to extract the VIP after attempting the bloody coup. The feeling of the deep and powerful will capture all of the awe that leads to the destruction. The overall landscape is obvious and the combat is totally engrossing. You can even choose your own place to have a battle. There is a main part of this game when the perspective of this game shows the big battle and your own small place for fighting.

Both the team mates and also your character will be focused on the control of gaining the capture points. Moreover, the users will be gripped by their excitement and fear when you are in the moments of stalking your enemy. Battlefield 4 will give the users to have time for diving to each side for escaping the skin of the nose to have a freely relief breath. Unless you pay more attention to your protection, then the tank will crash your entire wall and you have to start over again in building your own wall from the zero.

BF4 Game System Requirements

Of course, like common modern game, the Battlefield 4 Game is need a high hardware configurations. For minimum requirement, your laptop or PC at least must powered by Intel Core 15 dual core processor with speed of 3GHZ. For smooth and seamless game experience, the 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 30GB of free space is needed, along with dedicated graphics with 2GB of video memory.

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