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Best 5 Top Android Apps For Audio

As we know that Android now becomes the most popular platform made by Google. This incredible operating system even is able to defeat its rival, Windows from Microsoft. Android is more responsive, easy- to-use and features all new technology that others have no. Instead completed with abundant applications, Android also offers top Android apps for audio that helps you to find out the new way for enjoying audio and music! Here are 5 top android apps for audio you should have.


Double Twist is the first top Android apps for audio. Actually we have much talking about this app and regard that this is so good. Double Twist is not only available for those who have Android but also for iTunes community. Instead offering simplicity, this also provides seamless way to sync your own music between Android and iTunes, DoubleTwist is extremely fine music player in its own right.

doubleTwist - 1 of 5 Best Android Apps for Audio

As far as now, this app is still free for you but if you want to seek a little more in app purchases are available to unlock the full version of this great app. It features many including high quality album artwork, equalizer, “What’s Next” list that eliminates “that allows the guess work of what’s coming up next”. Impressively, it supports for almost whole bunch of different audio formats.



PowerAmp becomes the next best top Android for audio. It offers abundant features that others have no. Regard that easier is the free 2 weeks trial. No barriers, just full access for that 15 days to see whatever you want to purchase it or no!. For the theme, it probably is not far different than DoubleTwist, but at least it can look fantastic in its own way. It supports much tweaks with a ton of different files supported, an gapless, equalizer, crossfade and much, much more.

Google Play Music

The next recommended top android apps for audio is Google Play Music. It offers you everything you need although we realize that this application works less when not connect to internet. Though this app has no full customization and full features authority like Poweramp, but at least they offer certain thing that other have no, is that about the biggest library or file directory for your own music.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle music player is the new music player that now has been available on Google. Shuttle music player probably has been something you have been heard before but this is different than all. We can say that Shuttle is as strong as Poweramp, where this app offers you customization for hard task, skin change, and light appearance for playing music. Some effects of audio is also supported.


Equalizer + mp3 Player

Equalizer plus becomes the last app from 5 Top Android Apps For Audio we have been reviewed. All incredible decent Equalizer have been built into this one. This app is extremely pretty solid music player, though to enjoy all features you need to purchase little bit., but we think it doesn’t matter because the advantages you will get is more abundant.

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