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Best Android Launcher for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Are you the type that wants to put your own look and feel on your smartphone or tablet?  For some simply updating the background is just not going to cut it for you.  Launchers are the way for Android users to be able to customize the own personal device.  You can do everything from changing fonts, icons and screen transition styles.  That the basic stuff you can get but with the best Android launchers you will be able to tweak out your device so it lives up to your daily needs and usage.

But we must warn you that if you are new to this you will have to put in sometime to customize your Android device to get it to the way you want it. So if you are really looking for a way to change the way your experience is from what you get from the out of the box device today we are going to show you some of the very best Android launchers for 2014 and 2015.  If you have a favorite that isn’t listed let us know.

Nova Launcher

Nova is just one of the launchers that is heavily popular amongst people and it offers up a lot of options.  You can get a bunch of folder views, animation options, and desktop behaviors and that is just the free version.  If you are willing to pay for the premium version which will cost about $4 you can customize even more from everything like the program gestures to fully customizing the unread badges.

If that isn’t enough for you this Android launcher even have themes on Google Play that is compatible with it so you can change the look and feel of your device running Android with a few swipes and clicks.

Nova Launcher Logo for Android
Download Nova – One of Best Android Launchers

Smart Launcher 2

Smart launcher 2 is the first launcher you should have. This is a type of launcher that facilitates you with a minimalist home screen, comes into a radial menu of slots so that  you are capable to put your most frequently used apps like your contacts, mail and dialer etc. Smart launcher 2 also includes with a smart app drawer that work to sort user apps into interesting categories like multimedia apps, games, internet and other essential apps. Of course it would be better than you sort them manually. Placing any types of widget can be also done easily and simply. The premium version is also available that includes expanded lock screen functionality and so does for the widgets.

GO Launcher EX (Free)


The next best launcher for your android called GO Launcher EX (Free). In common, GO Launcher EX provides the greatest ecosystem of filly customization like dozens of animated transitions for navigation, gesture app launching and also  thousands of themes you can enjoy in single Smartphone. In addition, the GO Launcher EX is so compatible with many versions of Android including from 2.0 and above, ensuring that unless you’re working with 2009-era phone, you should be able to use this software.

Action Launcher Pro Version

After you see free launcher for your android, it is time for you to know a premium version of Android launcher. Overall, Action launcher pro version offers you its spin on the Android UI.  What is it?. This is one of a slide out app drawer which offers you with quick access to their app widgets and library, with the help of quick alphabetical sort keys. , and special “covers”  gestured. This can be found on top of a folder icon.

Action Launcher Pro for Android

Directly it also may your self to run shortcuts or given apps  without should finding own shortcuts. In addition, Action Launcher includes all the usual launcher tools such as home page and dock customizations, app hiding and icon scaling. Additionally, this launcher also features  general launcher tools including dock customizations, home page, icon scaling, app hiding and so on. Grab it fast with $ 3.99.

Google Now Launcher

Google now launcher is the last best launcher for your android we want to show off. As previously, it was exclusive to the Nexus 5. But now you can have it to your Android Smartphone if you want. It is completed with the beautiful interface, the GNL offers a transparent system bars and also the slightly enlarged icons for better touch accuracy. Even more, the GNL inside allows you to integrate Google’s search tools into the home screen, equipped with  a search bar for users to start voice and web searches with an easy- single tap. Hope that 5 Best Launcher for Your Android above can help you finding the best one.

Just remember a launcher can be separated from your Android Smartphone. When you buy an Android Smartphone at the first time, in real your phone has been installed with a basic launcher, the type of launcher commonly have been determined by certain vendor or brand of Smartphone.

But sometimes some of you may feel unsatisfied with the appearance of your Smartphone that is always monotonous so that you need to install or at least exchange the basic launcher with the new one, without reducing the performance of your Smartphone. Before exchanging the old launcher with the new one, be sure that your RAM is big enough to occupy the installed launcher.

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