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Burger King App – Buy a New Whopper with PayPal

Are you a BK fan?  If so you can now purchase your favorite meal or item via your iPhone.  Burger King and PayPal just revealed today that they have a partnership that will allow customers to buy their food via Burger King App using PayPal.  It is not clear why BK is choosing to go with this method of payment instead of using Apple’s credit card system.  The app is for iPhones so it would suggest that it would be more convenient to purchase just using the Apple system.

The new Burger King iOS app could be a move to shut down Apple Pay but there has been no word on this and is only rumor.  There have been a few retailers that have shut down the Apple Pay but the reaction wasn’t good so BK probably will be more thoughtful and hesitant to do so even if they thought is was something they could or should do.


PayPal stated today that guests of BK would also be able to receive exclusive offers and discounts at restaurants, be able to find the nearest places, and browse the menus and nutritional info using the BK App.  Expectations are to be rolling out the app for BK later this quarter across the US to all locations.  As a guest you can securely pay for your meal using PayPal by just launching the iOS app and selecting to pay with Paypal.  When you get ready to pay you will be prompted to pay with your four digit pin.

Burger King App with Paypal
BK App for iPhone

While we are not sure if Burger will be using or even adding Apple Pay to the support it is clear that they wanted customers to be able to pay for their food using the iPhone app.  Unlike McDonald’s who is already using the Apple mobile pay system BK is shearing up to make things a lot more easier to get food via their app.  Is it worth it though?  So many people already have iPhones and the Apple pay system just seems more efficient and effective.  Not sure why they have chosen this route.  Maybe we will find out more later.  Will this work and does it make sense?

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