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Care4teen Free Parental Control Software, Features and Review

Due to some illegal websites such as the porn sites, and so on, people especially parents will be insecure in letting their children access some website that might show and reveal bad things to their lovely ones. The parents need to secure the websites which are not suitable for their children to gain access. When they have to block one by one of the bad websites, it will take time and it is not effective at all. However, there is a solution for the parents to overcome these issues. The Care4teen internet parental controls can be a recommended solution to the parents to avoid such bad things happened.

How does this Care4teen Work?
Care4teen is useful software or application that the parents can get the guarantee to let their children access the websites freely. In other words, it is an unusual filtering system and internet monitoring software for parents for protecting the children away from those unsafe websites. The good things about this application is that it is easy to be installed, and the setup is simple too. People can do the console online to manage remotely. It can block the unknown and bad sites. When there are some screen videos, it can be detected and captured easily.

However, there are some bad points of this Care4teen too. This filtering system can be defeated when the people secure the high anonymous proxy (Check also Avast 2014 Antivirus to protect your computer from Malware). In testing the filtering system whether it works or not, the blocking system of the application will not work. The premium edition that more facilitates the users will be costly. Yet, when the parents want to protect their children and the other side they want to let the children explore everything by themselves, it is a good choice even when the premium edition is costly.

Care4teen parental control
Care4teen internet parental controls

Basically, the parental control software is actually not free to be used (free 7 days for trial). People have to pay approximately $7 each month to enjoy its approaches. The users need to download and install it from the local agent. During the process of setting up, you need to create an account with a full name, an e-mail, and the important thing is the password. After getting the account, you can link it with your personal decides to keep the track of the computer you give for the children. The sites that are going to be blocked will never show up into the screen and there will be a blank page and there will be no reasons why it happens.

Older teenagers can even use this application and parents can turn off the restrictions. It will not block the bad websites but the parents will receive some report for what websites the children have gained access in a day. When the children force to open and visit the website which is not exist in the system, it will be block and they can access it when the parents have allowed the children to access it. It works for the vice versa too. The children will be totally protected from not only the porn sites but also from the website that shows rude words. The parents can keep their children on track too by using this useful application. So, what do you think about the Care4teen Parental control? Yeah, its not a free software, but its still has many benefits than they actual price.

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