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Cheat Sheet for Most Frequently Used Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Who doesn’t want to have a cheat sheet handy especially when it comes to Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Having these around can save you a lot of time and effort and of course there are so many shortcuts for your keyboard that it is almost impossible to remember them all.

After we brings some information about Desktop Windows Manager (DWM).exe, today we will take a look at several Window 8 keyboard shortcuts. While the focus will be the most frequently used shortcuts we will also explore some of the new ones as well. There are a lot of them online that offer more shortcuts, such as windows 8 keyboard shortcuts shutdown, close app, contro panel and more. So if you are looking for ones that can be downloaded try this list of windows 8 keyboard shortcuts here.

List of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
Most Frequently Used Command Shortcuts for Windows 8

Most Frequently Used Command Shortcuts for Windows 8

Want to Copy            CTRL + C

Want to Paste            CTRL + V

Want to Cut                CTRL + X

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts close app    ATL + F4

Redo                    CTRL + Y

Undo                     CTRL + Z

Show Desktop            Windows + D

Open Charms Menu         Windows + C

Charms Menu Search        Windows + F

Lock PC/Go to Lock Screen     Windows + L

Opening Narrator            Windows + Enter


Print Screen                 Alt + Print Screen

Cycle thru notifications        Windows + V

Cycle in reverse            Windows + Shift + V

Open Help & Support        Windows + F1

Permanently Delete no Recycle    Shift + Delete

Display System Properties        Windows + Pause Break

Open Task Manager            CTRL + Shift + Escape

Minimize all Windows        Windows + M

Maximize all Windows        Windows + Shift + M

Launch Windows Explorer         Windows + E

Search Settings            Windows + W

Search for Installed Apps        Windows + Q

Display All connected Devices    Windows + K

Access Windows Tool Menu    Windows + X

Take Screen Shot            Windows + Print Screen

Open Share Charm            Windows + H

Return to Home Screen        Windows

Open Run Dialog Box        Windows + R

Keyboard Shortcuts Make a Big Difference

These are just a few of the shortcuts that I find very useful when using Windows 8 and some of the other operating systems from Microsoft. If you have a favorite shortcut that I missed please let me know about it. (Don’t forget to check our tips to increase speed of your laptop here)

Of course the idea isn’t to put all of the commands used as shortcuts but having a nice list is a good start. There are, like I mentioned earlier, windows 8 keyboard shortcuts PDF cheat sheets that you can download and some have up to 100 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Check them out but for many of you this list will work just fine. Whats your favorite or most used shortcut command? For me it would have to be Copy, Paste, and Cut. I just use the heck out of those followed by Print Screen.

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