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Check Out Some Google Zero Gravity Homepage and Barrel Roll Tricks

Welcome to our tips and tricks section.  Normally we go over tips and tricks for you laptop but today we wanted to have a little fun. Most of us use Google homepage for search. So today we thought it would be great to look at some of the Google Zero Gravity Homepage tricks that have been done for the Google search page.

Sure you love using Google to do your searching but wouldn’t it be fun to play some tricks on some of your friends who don’t know that some of these homage zero gravity pranks were made by Google?  You could send them and email with a link and just say hey check this out in Google search. Most of them will just simply think that there is something wrong with their computer. Now that would be very funny.

So without further waster lets take a look at some of Google’s Zero Gravity Tricks

Google Zero Gravity Homepage

We all know what gravity is but did you know that there was a homepage that have Zero Gravity that looked like something Google would have done? Yep some mind somewhere thought is would be very amusing to say the least to have a homepage where there was no gravity.

Don’t believe me? Head over to Mr. Doob and check it out follow this link here. You will find a normal search page but the minute you move your mouse the world just comes falling down. Now that’s what I call just funny to say the least. Especially for people who are not use to seeing this type of stuff.

Google Zero Gravity Homepage and Barrel Roll
Google Zero Gravity Homepage

Inversion Mirror With Zero Gravity


We all know what is looks like to look in a mirror but what about having things look backwards like we were looking in an inversion mirror? Well this Google zero gravity trick is also paired with an inversion mirror trick.

Not only will the entire screen fall down to the bottom but everything on the screen will be in the reverse. Think of it as you were looking from behind a glass chalk board. Everything you see will be from the perspective of being behind the homepage of Google as someone types.

This one is a really great trick. If you have not experienced or seen this trick you definitely need to check it out. View the Zero Gravity + Inversion Mirror trick from Elgoog by visiting http://elgoog.im/gravity/. Let me know what you think.

Ok So Its Not a Zero Gravity

These are suppose to be zero gravity tricks but even though this is not called one I really think its a good one to add to the list. The Google Barrel Roll is something that I really enjoy seeing and while not a zero gravity trick its worth a try.

To do this trick all you have to do is type the words “do a barrel roll” in your search bar and Google will take care of the rest. If it doesn’t work for you just click here so you can see what I am talking about.

Well there you have it.  These are three tricks I thought we would share with you today. The Google Zero Gravity seems to be a lot of people’s favorite but I am sure you have one that you like as well. Please feel free to share it with us so we can add more to the site. In the mean time if you are looking for other tips you can checkout out tips section. If you enjoying playing games on your laptop then you may want to learn how to speed up your laptop for gaming. You can visit out article on here to learn five quick and free ways.

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