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What to Consider When Buying a Tablet – 5 Questions to Ask

Chances are you already have a tablet and will be replacing the one you have or you don’t have one and will be buying a new one soon. No matter which category you fall in chances are you have asked the question – what should you consider when buying a tablet?

The key to getting the tablet the is right for you is knowing what is out there as well as what it is that you are looking for and need. Tablets are hot right now and this year they are expected to overtake PC sales and next year laptops. However if you are going to pick up a new one you should ask yourself these five questions before buy one.

Do You Really Even Need a Tablet?

Not just a new one but do you need a tablet in general? This is a question everyone should ask themselves. Sure tablets are set to overtake PC and laptop sales but does everyone who has one truly need one.

They don’t actually replace the pc and you will still need your smartphone. If you need something that is truly portable and allows you to check email, browse the net, watch movies, listen to music and more then a tablet might just be for you. Chances are though you don’t really NEED one but hey you can still get one.

What to Consider When Buying a Tablet
What you should What to Consider When Buying a Tablet

What Operating System Should You Choose?

Just like buying a computer or laptop one thing you need to consider when buying a tablet is what OS you want to go with. Most people are choosing between the Apple iOS and Android. You also have the Windows RT and Windows 8 but many people still are sticking with the first two.

Android is on many different brands so you may find yourself seeing a lot of hardware with that operating system. Figure out what system you like or need before picking out a style that you like only to find it doesn’t have the OS you need.

What Size Screen Do You Want?


Notice I said want but it should really come down to need in some people’s mind. The general rule is going to go back to what will you be using it for.  If you need something that is just for surfing the web and reading go with the smaller 7 and 7.9 tablets while if you are one of those people who need to get some productive work done along with entertainment go with the more powerful and larger sizes.

Some good choices for the smaller one would be the Google Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. Both are light weight and can fit in your bag or purse for easy transport.

Money Money Money – How Much Cash

Hey you can’t get the one you want if its not priced right. Know your budget. Wanting a top notched tablet and only having $100.00 is not realistic. You can find some decent tablets for as low as $199 and some more powerful and will designed tablets can reach up to as much as $1,250.

You need to know what you truly need.  Do you need 128GB?  If not don’t go spending $800 for tablet with that much space when you are not going to use it. By the time you fill up the space you will be buying a new one.

Bottom line know what you need and how much you have or want to spend. Lower budgets can still get good tablets.

Wi-Fi or Data Packages

When it comes to your tablet you really need to consider whether or not your are going with Wi-Fi only or cellular service. If you need access anywhere at anytime you need to make sure you get something on a data package.

There are a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots but if you need to make sure you are always connected Wi-Fi only may not be the best choice. In some cases you can use your 3g or 4g phone as a hotspot for your tablet. No it doesn’t work with all tablets but it is an option.

Be sure to head to the store and get your hands on whatever it is you are thinking about buying make sure it looks and feel like you want it to. Test it out you may find one you didn’t think you would like or decide that the one you like is not the one you want. If you have time check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 if you are looking for a more budget friendly tablet.

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