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Dell Latitude E7440 Business Ultrabook with Attractive Design Review

Finding a laptop or an ultrabook that can be categorized as a business laptop or ultrabook might be a little bit hard. It is because there are not many products that can be grouped into the devices that are durable and bumps resists. Some of them might not be able to be brought everywhere and they might be broken on the way to the destination as it gets bumped or else. When it happens, you have to buy another one to be your partner and you will lose all of your data that you cannot make them returned. If you are the person who are looking for a business ultrabook then Dell Latitude E7440 might meet your requirements.

Attractive and Sleek Dell Latitude E7440

Beautiful and sleek design does not lead and attract people to be interested in something and makes them impressed to buy one. It should meet the requirements that you need as the personal ultrabook. The users might want something that is light and easy to be brought during the travel. The others might want something that is able to work hard in strong performances. It should be as same as the budget that people have set up and so on.

The Latitude E7440 comes out in the market with attractive design in colorful and touch screen display with quick performances. It offers full high definition touch screen for the business. You will find your business ended more quickly and more simply than what you have imagined. The business seems simple and easy by the existence of this laptop. It contains a bunch of technology to perform it’s best to prioritize all of the users. From the physical look, you will have a great impression over this device to stick in your mind.

Dell Latitude E7440 review
Dell Latitude E7440 14 inch Business Ultrabook

More Information about the Latitude 7440 Business Ultrabook
Dell Latitude 7440 uses the processor of Intel Core i5-4300U with 1080 pixel of touch screen display and integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4400 as graphics engine. Another option is 1,7GHZ Intel Core i3-4010U processor with 500GB of Serial ATA disk drive or 256GB of Solid State Drive. The 4GB of 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM is not gives fastest multitasking performance, but still provides smooth and seamless performance for most all business and office tasks.


The lid is made up of the soft-touch carbon fiber that will reminds all of the users about the phones of Motorola Droid. Coming out with the 14 inch glossy touch screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this Dell produces the vivid colors but in its class it is not the brightest. However, it is compared as the ultrabook that is great although it is not the greatest. There is also anti glare technology and optional multi touch display for higher model.

When audio really matters to you, this Dell Latitude 7440 will produce the outcome sounds that come from the bottom-mounted speakers. The boisterous audio will be occurred in this ultrabook. The voice of the singer will come out crisp. Yet, the webcam is not recommended. Indeed the webcam captures the colorful images. But the result will be grainy images and the face looks so blurry. The faces will be in small squares.

What about the keyboard? Well, it just as same as the webcam. Yes, it is not very satisfying feature to be proud of. The users will be facilitated while typing because the key travel is quite deep. The other important part to be highlighted is about the battery life. This Latitude 7440 can last for almost 6 hours. The users do not have to be worried to run out of the battery, do they?

Similar to HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 F2R72UT ultrabook, the latest Dell Latitude 14 inch business ultrabook also preinstalled with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Professional as the operating system. This is gives more stable platform and lots of enterprise features. So, what do you think? Yeah, like common business laptop on its class, Dell Latitude E7440 14 inch business ultrabook is not designed for small to medium users, but for priced between $1089 to $1849, the Dell still has many strengths and worth for your money.

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