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Dell Release New Alienware 17 with Impressive Gaming Features Specs Review

Alienware seems to have new name, new look and also new specifications. One of the latest products manufactured by the Alienware is the Alienware 17. As it was reported by some sources, this laptop will be tagged in the cost for about $1,499. This device is completed with the fourth-generation of Intel Haswell processor and also the latest GeForce GTX 780M GPU.  Alienware sounds unfamiliar for the people who have never used with it before. Before going to the further description, the readers should at least know the details about this laptop called Alienware 17.

Specs of the Dell Alienware 17

As the device that enables all of the user the features related to the technology, the Alienware’s gaming machine has a stunning design. The design has a pair of the colorful strips that are running diagonally in the lid’s center. It has soft touch of the finish in a solid material. Its majority is gray with anodized aluminum in a thick band of the black soft plastic.  Measures 11.7 x 16.2 x 1.9 inch and weighs around at 9.1494 lbs (4.1501 Kg), this model is not designed for travel companion, but still perfect to use in office or at home.

The lighting of the Alienware 17 wraps the strip of light and backlights the touchpad. The effects are great even it will shine when the lamps get off. The logo of Alienware in bezel will light up as well as the keyboard too. Similar to the former generation, the folks can pick their best one out of those 13 lighting profiles or they can create their own profiles. How to create the profiles? It is actually easy. You need to choose the new theme and then assign for about 20 colors for each.

Dell Alienware 17
Dell Alienware 17 Gaming Notebook

New Alienware’s display is totally vivid and dazzling. Similar to Origin Eon 17 SLX gaming notebook, the new Alienware’s machine also has 1080 pixel display in 17.3 inch in anti-glare screen. It will send the sharp details of the viewing to the users in the right angles. Yet, this product of Alienware really pays attention to the sharp colors. One of the examples when you watch a movie with perfect display or effects, the laptop should reflect as best as it can. The vibrant colors of gold, pink and blue will be totally stunning. It will describe the effects and the outfits that the characters in the movie put on.

When it comes to the audio, the latest Alienware 17.3 inch gaming series shows its best, clear, loud and also satisfying the listeners by the Klipsch speakers. Yet, for playing the music of the game the sounds do not overwhelm the listeners especially the creaking sounds or the swirling wind. It has full number of pas with the wide deck and also 4 additional keys for the macros. The Symaptics touchpad will be totally smooth for our fingers. It is also sensitive and also responsive to every single touch. The users do not have to press the keyboard and the touchpad rudely.

The performance of this 17 packs a punch that is completed to the 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7-4800MQ processor and 16GB RAM. It works fluently when you open lots of tabs in Mozilla, Chrome and even in Internet Explorer. The battery of the Dell Alienware 17 gaming notebook can last for more than 4 hours. So, if you are the one whose hobby is mobilize, this 17 will suit you best. What else do you need to make sure that it is the best one compared to the other?

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