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Is Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (Sputnik 3) the Best Linux Laptop?

For most of us using a laptop with some version of Linux on it the chances are very high that it did not come this way.  Unlike the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition known as Sputnik 3 most laptops come with some sort of Windows. Of course this is usually before the owner/user switches over to Linux which is one of the most favored open source operating system.

While Dell has actually been offering Linux on several laptops over the past couple of years the new Sputnik 3 has everyone talking and trust me its not just because of the cool name either. Well that helps some!  The Dell XPS 13 doesn’t just come with a great nickname it comes with with Ubuntu Linux as well as the Intel Haswell processor.

The codename for this Linux laptop is Sputnik 3 however those of you searching for it will want to look for Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition which comes in two different configurations.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition review
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux based portable laptop



The base model for the Sputnik 3 comes with 13.3 touchscreen and is full 1080p resolution, dual core Intel Core i5-4200U CPU, 128GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM. For this you will be looking to spend roughly about $1,249.

You can look to get the more expensive XPS 13 which will run you about $1,549 but this one comes with the Core i7-4500U, 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and it comes with the same screen as the base model.

Both versions also come with Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS(Long Term Support). With this Linux there has been more of a focus placed on stability as well as security. The Sputnik 3 from Dell is comply open and this allows you to put any newer version of Ubuntu on or even a completely different operating system.

Interested in purchasing one of the Dell “Sputnik 3″ XPS 13 Developer Edition’s?  Well they are actually available for purchase as of now. However even if you order one today they will not be available for shipping until later in December around the 17th.

What’s your take?  Dod you think this Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition could be one of the best ever Linux laptop’s from Dell?

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