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Dell Inspiron I15RV-1428BLK Review, 15.6 inch Thin and Light Laptop at Affordable Price

Dell Inspiron 15 I15RV-1428BLK

For those who looking for inexpensive laptop for day to day computing tasks, we suggest to check Dell Inspiron I15RV-1428BLK. Dell Inspiron 15 I15RV-1428BLK is new generation in Dell Inspiron I15RV series with a Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) dual core processor that based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, Intel Pentium 2117U processor and integrated Intel HD graphics provides decent performance for daily activities, such as internet browsing, internet telephony, video playback and run office applications.

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Dell Inspiron I15-1364BK, 15.6 inch Laptop Celeron B820 at Low Price

Dell Inspiron I15-1364BK Review

Dell Inc. has released new affordable laptop for daily computing tasks, Dell Inspiron I15-1364BK. It’s new generations of Dell Inspiron I15 series with a Intel Celeron B820 dual core processor that designed for entry level laptops and Windows 8 as the operating system provides good performance for basic mobile computing multitasks. Unlike others inexpensive laptop with price tag under $300, the Dell I15-1364BK Inspiron laptop have a Bluetooth 3.0 + HS technology for easy connect into smartphone, tablet, Printer or ...

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