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Double Trouble More Tablets Coming from ASUS with Windows & Android

Seems like ASUS is on the move as of late in the tablet industry.  The company has the Transformer Book T100 tablet/laptop that is making waves for the low cost of $349 and now there has been found information regarding ASUS having plans to release several new tablets for the year 2014.

Oh but that not the best part of it though. The thing is that we know ASUS has been successful at making the Nexus 7 for Google and they have the Transformer Book that runs Windows and Android.  Apparently the Transformer has lead to company to believe that more of these devices should be produced or maybe the sales of the Book Trio is leading them to that assumption.

Whatever the reason ASUS appears to have more dual OS tablets in the pipeline what will be able to run that latest Windows 8 and Android versions.  There are several names lists on the report that appears to be models.  So of the names listed were the L82T, M82T and the R82T.  The slate from ASUS is expected to run on either the Z3740 or the Z3770 Intel Atom Bay Trail.  Which model is unclear at this point.  It will allow for 32GB or 64GB of storage and will come with a 3,910 mAh battery.


Possible Android/Windows Tablet

The new tablets from ASUS will probably be 7 inches in size and hopefully they are a little be higher end than the T100 Transformer Book.  Can you imagine a 7 inch slate that is capable of running both Android and Windows operating systems?  This is certainly worth waiting to hear more about.

This is all we have for specs and there is noting for sure on the screen size or expected screen resolution.  An interesting thing would be what the dual OS tablet would cost from ASUS.  Given that some of the other low end slates from ASUS were around $349 it may be safe to say that this one might be over the $400-500 mark.  Asus hasn’t confirmed the new Windows/Androids tablet so we will have to wait and see just if they are indeed in the works.

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