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How to Download Angry Birds Transformers for PC (Mac and Windows)

Soon there will be the release of the new Angry Birds Transformers app for both Android and iOS.  The expected release is October 15th and 30th respectful for both operating systems.  However if you want to play the new Angry Birds on your peronsal computer you are going to need to know how.  The game will be offered in both paid and free versions for those who are interested.  If you want to see the official trailer you can check it out here.

The game Angry Birds Transformers is quite simple, and just like the other versions you will be using the Birdies to fight off and defend against the war on Piggies.  Much like the official movie you will have the Birds who are the Transformers and the pigs who will be the Decepticons.  You will even find that some of the pigs who you would think are on the bad side are actually those who will give you a helping hand.  The end goal is of course take down and destroy Megatron and the bad pigs.

Angry Birds - Transformers Version
How To Download Angry Birds Transformers on PC?


While the game will be available for people on mobile devices in October below you have the steps to get it on your PC.  Remember is you are going to be downloading apps to your computer you are first going to need to download and install and Android Emulator. Follow the steps below:

1.    Download and install BlueStacks (or some other Android Emulator) on your computer.
2.    Next you will want to open BlueStacks App player and then use the search box within it to search for Angry Birds Transformers Apk.
3.    After finding the game, just click to install it to BlueStacks.
4.    Once you have the game downloaded to and installed successfully to you Android Emulator you can now start playing the game on your personal computer.

Four Steps to Install Angry Birds Transformer iOS App to your PC?

1.    Download and install iPadian, iOS Emulator on your PC.
2.    Once you have downloaded iPadian on you personal computer, you can then use the search bar to look for and download the new Angry Birds on iPadian.
3.    Next you want to just install the Transformers addition of the game to iPadian and load it.
4.    After the install is complete and loaded you can now start playing the game on your computer.

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