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How to Download Clash of Gangs to PC

Clash of Gangs is a new game app released by IGG on October 19, 20014.  For many is it much like Castle Clash but is more of a strategy game with a soul.   Some even say its just a Clash of Clans clone that decision to make is up to you.  However if you are wanting to know how to download it to your PC then chances are you really like this game.  For those who are sure let’s look at some of the features of Clash of Gangs.

More about Clash of Gangs

This is a strategy game that is tactical combat and the purpose is to make your way to the top of the underworld for criminals while you are building your army up to take down other gangs.  You will have deadly Bosses, and even military grade assault helicopters.  From street view mode you will be able to watch battles as they unfold in full 3d graphics.  The are more than 20+ Bosses that you can unlock to help build your powerful gangs to rule the ranks.

Download Clash of Gangs for PC

Clash of Gangs - Android Apps for PC
Download Clash of Gangs

Like all apps you will need to download and install an emulator to your PC. For this one we will use BlueStacks.

1.    Download and install BlueStacks Android Emulator to your PC.
2.    Next open the emulator and search for Clash of Gangs using the search bar option in BlueStacks.
3.    After you find the game you click install.
4.    Once the game is installed correctly to BlueStacks you can start playing your favorite Android game on your PC.

Need it on Your Apple Computer?

Just like with a Windows Based PC you need to download an emulator.  For iOS you need iPadian/iPadian 2.

1.    Install either iPadian or iPadian 2 to you device.
2.    Open the emulator and search for Clash of Gangs within the emulator.
3.    Once you find it click install and make sure it successfully downloaded.
4.    After it downloads you can now play your favorite game app on your iOS device.

Now how easy was that?  You will find that for most apps to be played on your PC you will simply need to download an emulator or Apk.  Usually you can download the Apk from Google Play.

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