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Download Ms. PacMan for PC both Windows and Mac

Pacman download is something that many people enjoy.  However there are more than a few people who prefer playing Ms. PacMan.  If you are one of them then chances are if you are a PC user you would really enjoy having it downloaded to your computer and having it available whenever you wanted to play it.  We find that Ms. Pac Man is a lot faster and smoother than the original.  Both have been around and a hit for over decades and will probably be for some time to come.

While the game seems simple and easy it is very addictive and you can easily get caught into playing it for hours on end.  The problem is that many are downloading the app to their smartphones and the screen sizes just don’t do the game justice.Remember you need to be able to guide Ms. Pacman around different mazes starting with simple to complex designs while chomping up dots all while avoiding ghosts.  Remember those pesky little ghost have one thing in mind – EAT YOU UP!  If you want to download Ms. Pacman to your PC below is how you are going to be able to do so.

Download Ms. PAC-MAN to PC

Ms. Pac-Man is brought to everyone by NAMCO.  They have been around for years and offer this game for Android devices, video consoles and more.  You can get it at Google Play if you wish to purchase it.  If you want it on your PC here’s how you get it.

Download Ms. Pacman for PC
  1. First you need to install and Android emulator like BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Now open BlueStacks App player and using the search bar look for Ms. PAC-MAN.
  3. When you find it just hit install.
  4. Once the game has been installed successfully on BlueStacks you can now start playing one of your favorite games on your PC.

You can also download the Apk for Ms. Pacman for your PC.  Once you have downloaded the APK to any one of the three main emulators you can open the Apk on the emulator and start playing the game.  The top three emulators are YouWave, GeneMotion, and BlueStacks.

Need Ms. Pac-Man for Your iOS PC?

If you need to download the game for your PC running iOS you just need to change a few things up a bit.

  1. Instead of the normal emulators you need to download iPadian/iPadian 2 to your PC or laptop.
  2. Once you finish or if you already have it look for and use the search option within the emulator to find Ms. Pac-Man.
  3. After finding the game click on it and install it to iPadian/IPadian 2.
  4. When you get this download and successfully installed you can start playing the game on your PC within the emulator.

There you have it!  Two ways to get Ms. PAC-MAN downloaded to your PC so you can have hours of fun from your desktop or laptop computer.  If you have any suggestions or easier ways to download Android apps to your PC let us know.

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