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Download Odin Windows Based Flashing Application for Android

Odin is a Window based Flash Application that was developed officially by Samsung.  You can use the application for Android smartphones and tablets to manually flash the firmware updates, custom ROM’s, Kernels and more.  That is correct Samsung basically went out and created something that would help their device users be able to upgrade to the latest Android OS Firmware using a Windows based PC.

Its not only the latest updates you can get the makes this so wonderful but also the fact that you can use this to root and upgrade to a custom ROM.  These tool is very easy to use and makes it easy to upgrade.  This tool however can not be used with another operating system as it is only compatible with the Window Platform.  If you are an advance Android user chances are this is something you are going to want to download.

The latest and most updated version is Odin v3.09.  The buttons you will notice on Odin are PIT, BootLoader, PDA, Phone, CSC, Start, Reset, and Exit which are on the latest and previous version.  There are currently five versions of Odin for Windows and chances are there will be more updates along the way.  Whatever version you choose make sure you know what you are doing before playing with your Android smartphone and messing it completely up.

Samsung Odin Download
Samsung Odin v3.09 with ROM Flashing Tool

DOWNLOAD Odin v3.07

If you want to get the previous version of Odin you can download it here.  This is the more stable version as more people have used it and know if there are any issues.

DOWNLOAD Odin v3.09

This is the newest untested version so if you want you can go with the v3.07 or try your hand at this one.  Click here to go download version 3.09.

Remember in order to install Custom ROMs you will need Root access for your Android phone.

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