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Easiest and fastest way to check hard drive health in Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS

Today, commonly laptop from Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Lenovo and other brand comes with a large memory space. This allows users to store a lot of multimedia files, document files and instal more Windows applications that designed for enhanced multimedia experience and productivity. Hard drive health  is the most important thing to ensures a smooth and seamless computing tasks. If you hard disk failure, your laptop or PC will be not load normally, slower performance and even your system will be hang, so its very important to check hard disk health now.

There are many ways to check hard drive health in Windows 7 OS or Windows 8 OS. You can used download an application to do that, but now we will give a tutorial to check manually, so you can know if your hard disk drive is health or broken and need to be replaced. With this tutorial, you can check your hard drive health faster and easier than use any hard disk health applications.

1. Used Windows Explorer features
The easiest and fastest way to check is used a Windows Explorer fix file system.
– First, you can click the Start Menu (usually located on the bottom with Windows logo).
– Click on the Computer menu on the right side. You will see your hard disk system and the capacity. Chose the Local Disk (C:) to scan your system disk drive or choice the Local Disk (D:) to scan your data drive.
– Right click and than go to properties (on the bottom menu)
– Go to Tools -> Error checking and than click on the Check Now button
If you find an error, check the “Automatically fix file system errors” and than click Start. Its will automatically repair your hard disk, but if you find a bad sector warning, you should check the second option, “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sector” and than click on the “Start” button.
Bets way to check hard disk health


2. Use a simple  WMI Command-line Tool in Command Prompt Windows 7 or Windows 8
The second method is use a WMIC command in interactive mode. Unlike the Windows Explorer method, this way will use a command prompt mode to get access in your system.
– Like the first method, the first step is go to taskbar and than click the Start Windows button that located on the bottom.
– You can type “WMIC” on the search bar or go to “All programs” -> Accessories folder -> click the Command Prompt menu -> type WMIC -> press enter
– After on the  wmic:root\cli mode, type “diskdrive get status”.
If there are no problem in your hard disk, you will get message “Status Oke” (check picture below for example).
easiest way to check hard drive health

Yeah, there are many way to check hard drive health, but the most important is preventing before your hard disk is broken. Do not forget to regularly back up your data, so if your hard disk is damage, you did not lose your important files and data. If you have an experience with broken hard disk or have another solution to check hard disk drive without need to install any applications, please share your experience on the comment below.

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