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Five Quick and Free Ways to Speed Up Your Laptop for Gaming

So you want to play games on your laptop but its just so slow. I bet you have spent hours trying to figure out ways to speed up your laptop for gaming. Some laptops are just slow even if the laptop comes with latest configurations and you are not trying to play HD games.

But just imagine just how slow that machine would run if you cranked up some HD games! Are there any upgrades that you can do to speed up your laptop or should you just say forget it and move back to a desktop?

Yes there are things you can do to make your laptop suitable for gaming but truthfully gaming on a laptop is never going to really be the same as a desktop simply because of the graphical power and performance gaming requires.

We recently looked at “six simple and easy tips to help secure your laptop” so today let’s look at five quick ways to speed up your laptop for gaming.

Want more Speed Check the Laptop Power Settings

The problem with gaming on laptops its that they are truly meant to be portable and as such they are meant to be used away from a power supply. Since this is the case you will usually have a problem with power management. Since a desktop is plugged in at all times you can basically set the power management to high performing however with laptops they were just not meant to be used that way.

The key to getting more speed for gaming out of your laptop is the make sure that you check the power settings. When you plan to pay games double check to make sure the profile is set to high performance so that you can get the most out of your power management.

how to speed up your laptop performance for gaming
free ways to speed up laptop for gaming

Clear Delete and Remove Things

You need to decide what you are going to be using your laptop for. If you really want to speed up your laptop performance for gaming then you will probably need to get rid of somethings. When it comes to speeding up your laptop for gaming things like unused software, un-needed files and other games just need to be deleted.


Take the time to go through your system and see the things that are on your laptop that you just really don’t need or use and get rid of them. Uninstall any programs that are just not necessary so that you can free up space on your laptop. This will really help give you that little extra boost of speed you need. (Looked at Easy Ways to check hard drive health)

Change Desktop and Windows Theme

For some reason we just having wallpapers on our laptops and computers. However the difference on your notebook is that desktop wallpapers eat up a lot of your graphic resources. To free up some of this resource just set your background to nothing. Thats right just go for a clear clean background. Want to free up even more graphics memory change your Windows theme.  When you change your theme to classic you will also give your laptop top a lot more speed for gaming.

Do You Have Any Viruses Slowing You Down?

Viruses in general are just bad for your laptop however it is just killer if you are trying to play any games on your machine.  By running a virus scan you can check and delete anything that could be harm your laptop.  Removing any viruses that may be present will also help increaser your speed.

Make Sure You Update Your Drivers

Most of the times the drivers you get with your laptop will soon be outdated. Problem is though a lot of people take them lightly and never update them or never update them consistently. Not are drivers are that important for gaming but when there is an update on video cards we are talking about some performance difference. Some of the top video card manufacturers are ATI and Nvidia.

Since the are always trying to out do one another there are always updates available. Their battle is great for your laptops performance since they want their customers to have the latest and greatest. By simply updating your video card driver you could easily speed up your laptop for gaming performance by 20% depending on when you last updated. This also makes your laptop better for gaming while also making it more compatible with the latest version of you favorite computer games.

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