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Free Triple Protection for Your Mac From AVG AntiVirus Available Now

Yeah is finally here and the company think the time is now.  AVG AntiVirus launches triple protection for Macs to not only help protect you but your friends as well.  The company has long been known for offering up free AV software for  PC and smartphone users with Windows operating systems.

The company says that the free versions of there software currently works and protects over 175 million active users from there most recent count.  AVG AntiVirus now announces that they are proud to launch their new AV suite that is targeted and designed for protecting Apple computers.

For years people thought that all the computers from Apple were just not capable of getting viruses.  However the problem was the many people just didn’t see the purpose as not a lot of people actually caught on to buying and using Macs.  However times have changed and are continuing to change as more and more people are buying iPad, iPhones and other Apple products.


AVG AV Software for Macs

Most content were just never aimed as Apple’s line of products how AVG Antivirus believes that attackers will start to target the Mac line of products as they have increased in popularity.  The free product from AVG will support both OS X and Mountain.  The AV software from the company is said to protect from viruses and spyware.

The AVG software runs in the background and scans files that are opened, copied and saved.  For the triple protection it scans for files transferred from the computer to Windows and Android devices to prevent any malicious virus or program from spreading. As AVG puts it – “You can feel better knowing your beloved Mac is protected – and that you’re not sharing viruses with any of your other devices or with your PC and Android friends.”

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