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Fresh New White Nexus 7 Android Tablet from Google

Finally a new color from Google for their Android tablet.  The white Nexus 7 tablet from Google was revealed.  There is not LTE at this point but this comes as to a surprise as we are sure no one was expecting a new colorway to be released for this.  The new Nexus 7 tablet in white is the same as the black one that was released earlier.

The entire tablet however is not white.  The backing is the only thing that is white as the front fascia is still black.  If you really want to go white you can get this one but I would suggest just waiting a few to see what else Google as in store for us.

This Nexus 7 slate only comes in one version at this point so you don’t have options like you did with the black slate which came in a number of options.  The white Nexus 7 Android tablet will come with Wi-Fi only and only in a 32GB.  So no LTE options and no small cheaper version like the 16GB black Nexus.

Back of white Nexus 7 Tablet


It would be fair to think that Google will be bringing out several different versions of this new colored slate.  After all this is the same thing that they did with the Nexus 5 phone. They brought out both black and white models and the only thing that was different was the color of the smartphones.  All the options for each color were the same so we are going to go with something else should be coming soon even though Google has not mentioned anything.

If an Android tablet is what you are looking for you can’t go wrong with the new white Nexus 7 or the old black one.  They are a lot better than the older models and there are also priced right for just $269.  These will only be offered in the UK, Japan, and the US for as Google stated.  Also for release today is the LG G Pad 8.3 Play edition.  We haven’t had a chance to check this one out just yet but can wait to see what’s in store.

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