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The Future Expectations of Laptops, Tablets and Chromebook at CES 2014

Days passed and the improvement of the technology comes up and the users can freely pick one and enjoy. In the past, people do not have many options of the technology that they wanted to use. People who saw other people in foreign countries might be envy that they could use the sophisticated and more luxurious gadgets or devices but they could not. These days, people are facilitated by the technology existed to enjoy life more easily and more simply. They can do whatever they want, they can capture the pictures they like and store it, they can get connected with thousands of people, and so other beneficial things.

The Future Expectations of Gadgets in 2014

What are the future expectations of gadgets in 2014? Perhaps this kind of question will be very common asked by the people. People will have imagined something luxurious, sophisticated and functional that can have tons of features and functions. Those gadgets in 2014 should be more luxurious, more capable to fulfill all of the people’s need, and should be more thin and light. CES is going to launch some new PCs, new tablets, and other new devices.

There will be some of the future expectations of gadgets in 2014 that will be further explained here. First, it is about the number one PC over the market worldwide called Lenovo. Lenovo tries its best to make a great approach to be the one and becoming the leader out of those other brands. In 2014, Lenovo is believed will announce the version of Haswell-powered of its Ultrabook named ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch. The rumor has been around the people for about a year. Will Lenovo announce the version of Haswell-powered at CES in 2014? The second position of the PC manufacturer named HP will take the advantages of this timing. It seems that HP is going to launch at least one or two new products in 2014.

CES 2014
CES 2014 beginning Tuesday, Jan. 7

Another new thing that will come out at CES 2014 is some new PCs that are designed to go well with the Valve’s Steam OS. It is called the Steam Machine. Its concept is specially created to be able to compete with the video game consoles such as the Xbox One or PS 4. It connects directly to TV and comes with wireless gamepad. It is the one that people have expected to see and to introduce at CES 2014.

Next, what about those Chromebooks? In 2013, there are two top selling notebooks that have been purchased by the people. It is about the Chromebooks that in 2014 CES will announce the new models. Let us say Acer, HP, Samsung, and Dell have already had the models that will fit for the space. Toshiba Chromebook might have been the discussion by the people in September in previous year. It might come out in 2014 at CES.

Lenovo Leads as the Big Laptop Maker in 2013

Last, it is all about the other products related to the PCs. Other products related to the PC will come out to accompany the sales of PC with different marketing system. One of the examples is the GPU Builder such as Nvidia and AMD that have announced their press conferences. People put their greatest expectations about this rumor that will be announced at CES in 2014.

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