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Verizon Galaxy Note 3 New JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE Update

The new update is currently rolling out for the Verizon Galaxy Note 3.  The new update for the Galaxy Note 3 is now live and the new JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE update will fix a lot of the bugs customers for Verizon where experiencing plus four new applications that you can completely disable or hide if you like.

Though it is rolling out and currently live not everyone has had access to getting the Galaxy update.  We expect that throughout the next few days almost everyone who wants the new JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE update will have access to it.

With this new Galaxy Note 3 firmware update the issue with the incoming call display will be fixed. There was a issue that many where have with the Picture Me on screen while using call waiting.  The handwriting data entry and SMS messages has been resolved.


Galaxy Note 3 recent update
Some of the key device enhancements following the update are now the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is preloaded with MyInfoZone widget, VMware, VerizonSupport & Protection version 2.0.0 as well as having Verizon Cloud.

Some of the other issues that have been resolved are the BT audio continues after a call is missed, mobile hotspots has been improved, Notification Panel responsiveness has been improved, as well as Samsung keyboard crash issue has been resolved and both the connectivity and sound quality have been improved with the JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE update.

Voicemail Notification now has an Urgent Priority notification as well.  Verizon Wireless customers should be getting this update as of earlier today.  Go to settings –> about phone –> and check for updates and you should be set to go.

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