Genshin Impact for PC: Gameplay

Playing domains and special events in cooperative mode are quite easy – you just have to team up with other players to take care of the activity and then break up. However, in the open-world cooperative, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Since is primarily a single-player adventure game for PC, there are some pretty strict limits on what players can do in multiplayer parties. The most important things to remember are that you can’t take story missions or enter the Spiral Abyss in multiplayer mode. If you are in a story search when you join the cooperative, you will not be able to progress towards goals. If you are invited to another player’s world, you cannot collect either Amenoculus or Geoculus (used to increase resistance) or items from chests, but the player organizing the session can collect them. The reason for this is quite obvious, as it prevents players from creating infinite amounts of otherwise scarce resources.

The other multiplayer limitation to remember is how the composition of the party is affected. Your party can only have four characters at a time, and if you play in co-op, this limit will be shared between all active players. In a two-player party, each player receives two characters. Add a third and the host will have two characters, while visitors have only one. In a four-player party, each player can choose only one character. This makes choosing the right characters even more important, but it is offset by the obvious advantage of having multiple characters on the field simultaneously. In open-world games, different players can even choose the same characters, but in areas, only one of each character is allowed.

One last consideration for Genshin Impact multiplayer gameplay is the platform. The Genshin Impact for PC offers crossover games between PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile versions. This makes it easier to team up with friends for fast multiplayer, even on platforms or on the go