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Get the New Blue HTC One M8 at Carphone Warehouse

For those who were waiting on the Blue HTC One M8 you can get your hands one from Carphone Warehouse.  Back in May of this year is was announced that the company would bring out both a red and blue version of the phone.  These are two new hues that joined the Amber Gold, Glacial Silver, and Gunmetal Grey color that consumers saw when the smartphone was first unveiled.

If you are really liking the Aqua Blue you can get one now at Carphone Warehouse which is located in the UK.  Nothing about the phones specs changes you are just going to get a nice new M8 in a striking blue color and the pricing is on par if not the exact same as the standard models.  A few months ago HTC revealed the red phone on Twitter.

Aqua Blue M8 HTC
HTC One M8 in Aqua Blue

HTC is known for changing up the color schemes on their devices so this wasn’t really a surprise to many.  They did the same thing back in 2013 with the HTC One.  The new Aqua Blue and red should be made widely available soon for everyone.  One of the color options that had a lot of people talking was the HTC One M8 Harmon/Kardon that was a special edition made exclusively for Sprint.

The M8 is a nice phone and the colors are great.  if you already have one would you think about trading it in to get the new blue color?  I am a fan of the gunmetal myself and personally would have really liked to have gotten my hands on the Harmon/Kardon edition.  What is your favorite color for the One M8 from HTC?

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