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Get Your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in the US on November 14th

Yes we finally have a date!  The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be coming to the US on November 14.  While it is currently being offered in Japan it will be here in the States in a few weeks.  The phone features a Super AMOLED display that curves over the side of the Galaxy Note.  Hence the name Edge, it will be coming to US Cellular, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.  As you guess it though this phone won’t be on the cheap end of the spectrum.

While the Galaxy Note Edge does sport a lot of the features from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 such as the S Pen Support, multi-window, 16 mega pixel rear camera with OIS and more there are some features worth mentioning.  If comes with a display that is 5.6 inches and features quad HD at 2,560 x 1440 screen resolution not to mention the extra 160 pixels on the side.  The curved portion on the right side of the device actually acts like a second display.  Here you will find that you can use to display notifications, your clock, quick launch apps and more, while of course being made from that Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Black
Black Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Coming Nov 14th.

If you want to get the phone from AT&T be prepared to spend a little bit of money.  You can get the Galaxy Note Edge from Samsung for $399 upfront with a two-year contract or $945.99 if you don’t want any contract.  With the AT&T Next program you can get it for $47.30 for 12 months or $39.42 for 18 months worth of payments.   Some of the AT&T and stores will actually have the phone for display as early as this Friday, November 7, 2014.

The phone clearly is a keeper in terms of style but is the price worth?  I may be a case of who cares as long as you get your hands on this limited phone.  The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a beautiful piece of metal and glass and there are sure to be lots of people looking to get there hands on one if only to say they owned it and where one of the few to have it.  Are you thinking about getting one?  The curved portion that can be used as a second display does sound like a winner in my books.

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