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Get the New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on Contract for $399 in the US

Currently you can find the long awaited and much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on sale right now in the United States.  The good thing is you can get it a lot cheaper than originally thought and apparently it is now going to be offered up to more than just a select few people who are willing to shell out some cold hard cash.

If you are worried about who is going to have it and that maybe your carrier on be one of the few selected to sell it don’t be worried. Currently it appears that the device is on sale at Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.  Reports state that also to carry the smartphone with no particular dates are Verizon and U.S. Cellular.


While you can get the Note Edge on contract on any of the above mentioned carriers you also have the option to buy it outright and not be on contract for about $945.  For those not looking to spend close to a thousand dollars on this device you can get it under contract.  AT&T has the Edge listed at $399 if you get the two-year contract.  You also with them have the option of buying the smartphone on the carrier’s Next plans so that you don’t have to come out of the pocket with the $399 all at once.  You get the option of putting zero down and paying either $47.30 for 12 months, $39.42 for 18 months and $31.54 for 24 months.

You can however get the Galaxy Edge phone with zero down and monthly payments of $36.25 over 24 months or just buying it for the $870 with any contracts at T-Mobile.  Sprint is offering it up for $840 to buy without contract and $429 on contract with the option of getting the Edge for $0 down and $35 monthly for 24 months.

This is indeed a great looking phone but will you be making your way to a carrier and picking it up?  The Galaxy Note Edge is sleek and the covered glass makes for great conversation and usage but is it really going to be worth the cost?  Let us know if you pick it up and whether or not you feel it was a great buy.

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