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Hammacher Schlemmer’s The No Glasses 3D Tablet Is Real and Here

For all of those who simply enjoy 3D but hate having to wear those stupid glasses have no fear.  The No Glasses 3D Tablet from Hammacher is here and ready to save you from despair. The tablet is the only tablet to date that allows you to watch 3D movies and images without the need of a pair of unsightly glasses to make them come to life.

Just how did Hammacher Schlemmer make The No Glasses 3D tablet work?  Well using a parallax barrier laid on top of the 8 LCD screen the company was able to allow the table to deliver different pixel sets to each eye.  By doing this it creates the depth perception needed visually to produce the look and feel of 3D without the need for color distorting lenses.  Pretty much the only other thing on the market that offers 3D without glasses is the Nintendo 3DS

The No Glasses 3D tablet comes with an 8 inch LCD screen, 16GB of internal storage and also has supports for SDHC memory cards up to 32GB and USB flash drives.  This means that you are able to play the content you want to from removable media and also able to upgrade on storage when necessary.  One of the cool things about this no glasses tablet is that can also convert 2D into 3D.

The No Glasses 3D Tablet


When it comes to the tablet itself it has touch capability and for the operating system it is running on Android 4.1.  We didn’t see any mention of Wi-Fi anywhere but find it hard to believe that it would not be included as well along with the Bluetooth capabilities.  There are front and rear cameras and the rear-facing camera is 2mega pixels while the front-facing for video calls is a 0.3 mega pixel.

Screen resolution comes in at 1280 x 800 and the internal battery is claimed to produce 6-7 hours of operation per single charge.  The expected ship date is late December and you can look to spend about $349.95 to get your hands on one of these tablets from Hammacher.

While a lot of people are not big fans of 3D there are a lot of people out there who love it.  For those who do and want the look with the hassle The No Glasses 3D tablet could be your best friend.  However if you just want to pick up a slate and don’t care whether or not it has 3D capabilities check out the Acer Iconia W4-820-2894 8 inch tablet.  It is set to release in January of 2014 and is priced around $330.00.

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