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Some Hidden and Unexplored Features of Windows 8.1

Perhaps it is the time for the users of the Windows 7 to move on to the newest version of Windows 8.1. Similar to other things, something that has the newer and higher version will provide and give some better features that the previous version does not have. It happens the same way for Windows. People who have been getting along with Windows 7 might want the desire to upgrade their versions to Windows 8 or 8.1. In fact, people might not know the hidden and unexplored features of Windows 8.1. When they know that the Windows 8.1 has the hidden features, they might turn curious and really want to know.

Find the Features by Yourself  
After waiting for long times, the folks can actually enjoy the features of Windows 8.1 which is the newly expansion of the Windows 8. Yes, it is the time for the users to enjoy the new features offered by the Windows 8.1. They are the start button, the feature of split screen, and so on. Yet, people and some sources only describe the common features of the Windows 8.1 and they do not exactly describe the hidden and unexplored features of Windows 8.1. Unless you dig it by yourself, you might not know the features which are not explained by some sources. Here they are.

1. The users can shut down their devices from the Start button.  
Sometimes people like to start something with something basic. It is not too sophisticated and too far from the usual habits. Although the Start menu has not returned but at least the Start button has come back! You need to swipe through some multi click processes in order to shut down the PC.

2. All applications can be booted into the desktop.
An old friend that you will always remember shown in a new look is the Taskbar Properties. Windows 8.1 will actually let the users to boot to the desktop directly on start up. However, here are some ways to boot the applications in the desktop. First, the users can head to the desktop, then right-click the taskbar. After that, the users need to select the Properties and open the Navigation tab. There will be some new options which are used for disabling the upper corners.

Hidden and Unexplored Features of Windows 8.1
Find some Hidden and Unexplored Features of Windows 8.1

3. Multiple snapped Windows.  
Using the Windows 8.1 will disable you to have an multiple tabs. Obviously, when you want to open multiple instances, you need to have the modern version of the Internet Explorer. You can indeed press one of the tab longer and select the “Open tab in a new window” when the pop up box comes out.

4. 3D printing features.
It is the right timing for the people to move on from the previous 2D printing process that enables the users to use and enjoy the features of 3D printers under the Devices charm. The users can enjoy the NFC and/or if it is too challenging, the Windows 8.1 will include the printing capability with Wi-Fi Direct. In simpler words, the users can easily connect the WiFi into the printer without the needing of jumping from a network to the other installing software.

So, what do you think about some hidden and unexplored features of Windows 8.1? Are already upgrade you’re operating system to latest Microsoft Windows 8.1? If you have this version on your PC, but fells not comfortable to used and want to remove to older version, we think you should check our easy tips to make Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 like the Microsoft Windows 7 without need to reinstall it.

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