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High Quality Useful Android Apps for Graphic Designers

If you are a graphic designer then chances are that you want to be able to rely on something other than your desktop or laptop for the only two platforms that you can use for graphic purposes.  Over the years and advances in technology you can now use both your tablets and smartphones when something comes to mind and you want to capture it or doodle it.

When it comes to having something that will give you the opportunity to use it in a creative way and can be something more than a gadget toy designers will love it.  There are now a lot of apps out there for Android that offer production-quality design tools for your smartphone and tablet.  For many though Android apps for graphic designers work because it is extremely flexible and it open source origin.

The use of Android recently is extremely essential. Over the time, the features of Android is more complete and sophisticated. There are many features are improved to fulfill the consumer’s need. Especially in term of graphic design. Designing a graphic can be the most important part of the lesson and so does the work challenge. Designing a graphic on Smartphone or tablet can be easier than doing this job on PC. Although the screen is smaller but at least you can doing your job everywhere and every time you wish. Well, here are top android apps for graphic designer. Check them out!

Infinite Design

Logo for Infinite Design
Infinite Design for Android

Infinite Design is the top apps on Android for graphic designers. It was created by developer Sean Brakefield.  This app includes as an amazing vector graphics for Android allows you to make designs via your Smartphone or tablet. Inside, there are a lot of complete tools to help you in designing as perfect as designing on PC. Although Infinite Design includes a premium software, but you can try a free version with limited features such as an infinite undo, redo system (hence the name), infinite canvas, layer options such as split, duplicate, merge, flip and five symmetry tools and also infinite layers. This mini software has the ability to save images as SVG, PNG, PSD  and is ad-free.


SketchBook Express

Making a sketch couldn’t be easier. Sketchbook is available in two version to fits to the size of your device and the both are still free for you. SketchBook Express helps you to paint and drawing app that can help to reach simple task especially the ideas in creating sketch incredibly till the more complex that involves intricate and layers brushes. Although we know that the tools are not as comprehensive as those got in the Pro version, therefore at least it is going to do the trick for you who need a tool for inspiration.


Paperless is just as incredible. This is a free Android app for graphic designers that really provides a pro quality. This includes as the digital Moleskin for noting down ideas than an app for composing the masterpiece. . Virtual books is available to keep your ideas stay organized and to facilitate you to return to them in the next day.


Graphic Design Android App - Fontly
Lastly, we have Fontly. It also includes as the top android apps for graphic designer. As common, Fontly is regarded as the essential community for type lovers that could offers you abundant inspiration for the next project. There is no doubt using this. You are allowed to  take pictures of typography when on the move, like collecting them for reference,  a shop sign for graffiti, and so on.  In addition, you are able to seek and browse typography captured by someone else that also as the Fontly users. So from Top Android Apps for Graphic Designer above, which one you would choose for fulfilling your need?

There are also more established and useful apps out there for graphic designers such as AutoCAD 360, SketchBook Pro, Sketch’em and others.  The key is finding the right app to suite your needs and the size of the smartphone or tablet you are working on.  While some app are really great you still need decent area to really work with all the tools the app provides to designers.

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