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HP Elite 8300 d3k70ut 23 inch Business AIO Desktop Specs Review

New Enlightenment in HP Elite 8300 d3k70ut. Few years ago, people might have cursed the telephone for breaking and ruining the ancient way of sending the message to other people, by writing a letter. It shows that there is no break time for the technology to improve radically. People have felt the radical changes in their lives that may change their future lives to be a better life. They used to send letters or use telephone at home as the media for the communication. These days, people can use laptops, computers, and also mobile phones to get connected with the people they love. By using either laptop or computer, people will have a faster work done on hours. They do not have to write some reports manually that really take time.

Having an idea of adding a computer at home is a terrific idea. You can use your leisure time for browsing some information you might need such as recipes, earning money for running an online shop, working offline at home, and so other beneficial things. One of the best, the sophisticated and also the most recommended of the latest computer goes to the HP ELITE 8300 d3k70ut All In One Desktop Computer. It is sold in high cost indeed, but the users will feel the features that will never be a total disappointment to all of you.

HP ELITE 8300 d3k70ut is the one that the users need to companion when they need a reliable machine for hard work in office. It has gorgeous look with the stunning display. The 23 inch Full High Definition widescreen display is lacks multi touch support but the TFT-LCD display with LED backlit technology can produces very bright, crisp and detailed images and video. Similar to the EliteOne 800 G1 e3t23ut, this machine also can produces maximum internal resolution at 1920 x 1080. Its mean you can play modern games or watching 1080p HD video playback with ease, thanks also to Intel HD Graphics 4000 as graphics engine.

HP Elite 8300 d3k70ut review
HP Elite 8300 d3k70ut 23 inch Desktop Computer

Comes with the Intel Core i7-3770 quad core processor that based on the 3rd Intel Ivy Bridge as the heart, the ELITE 8300 d3k70ut computer will delivers the power you will need for hard working in office. The processor that has a base clock rates at 3.5 GHz, optimized with Intel 2.0 Turbo Boost technology (support up to 3.9GHZ) and internal 4GB of DDR3 RAM promises very fast and smooth multitasking performance. The 500GB of internal storage which offers speed up to 7200 rotate per minutes gives spacious of storage space and faster read/write speed. The users need no pressure to do all of bunches of jobs since they will be done in hours. They can be more relaxed in doing all of their jobs and projects.

The SRS Premium Sound PRO of the HP 8300 d3k70ut AIO computer will provides the best and clear audio with the built-in speakers. You will feel that the songs played by the clearest speaker in the world. You can use your headphones to enjoy it by yourself to get your own satisfaction with no interruption, thanks to 3.5mm audio jack. The Super Multi DVD burner with double layer support also gives user ability to load more applications or burn their own music and video into CDs or DVDs cassettes. Of course, this machine also equipped with few essential features, such as web camera with internal microphone for video communications, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, media card reader, HDMI port, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and wireless keyboard for typing.

Preinstalled with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Pro OS and three years warranty, HP ELITE 8300 d3k70ut desktop computer is now available in major retailer with a starting price around at $1,191. So, what do you think about this machine? Whether you will buy this product in the future or not, you can decide by yourself but you will end up regretting this chance. Need another alternative? If you are preferred with Dell AIO performance, we think you should also take a look at the $930 Inspiron One IO2350T-1667BLK computer that shipped with Intel Core i3-4000M dual core processor.

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