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HP Omen Gaming Laptop Notebook – The Future of Gaming

Who doesn’t want what they are promised?  Well HP thinks that the new Omen gaming laptop is the future of PC gaming and this HP promises high performance in a slim yet modern design.  The company was once known from producing a lot of gaming desktops and laptops but as of recent years they decided to leave the PC gaming market.  Well the new Omen is the laptop that the company is hoping to drive their growth in a new segment and appeal to those who are truly passionate and know what they want.

For many the new Omen gaming PC is a throwback to the Voodoo.  Back in the days this company built some of the best most compelling gaming computers around.  Some suggest and it may be true that the new laptop is paying homage and is the first real serious laptop the company has ever made.  The new laptop from HP is available starting today they have their eyes set on the Razer Blade.  The cost of the new laptop is $1,500 and is one sleek modern laptop.  Many people are use to notebook for gaming being bulky and heavy.  You can clearly see by the design that HP wanted to take the reins from Razer Blade and went with a matte black anodized aluminum machine that is under an inch in thickness that comes with a unibody chassis that was milled from one single block of metal.

The problem for HP now though is that while they decided to not be apart of the gaming industry for years there are a lot of more established brands that are out there they have to now compete with. From Razer to Alienware the new Omen has to bring it or it will simply get crushed.  PC gamers know what they like, want and not worth their money. But the Omen is very ready and has a lot of features that HP is hoping will speak for itself.

HP Omen Front View
Ultra Thin HP Omen Gaming Laptop

So just what are the specs of this new laptop from HP?  Well check this, the Omen is coming with the Intel i7 4710HQ that will be running at 2.5GHz and with a Turbo it is boostable up to 3.5GHz.  Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU SSD with a 1080p touchscreen that is 15.6 inches.  For the battery you will get a 4-cell 58WHr lithium ion battery that is good for up to almost 5 hours at 4hrs and 45 minutes.  This machine actually only weighs 4.68lbs and there are three levels of the Omen.  You can get the $1500, $1600, and $1700 models.


The entry level system come with the Intel core i7, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, the Nvidia GTX 860M GPU with 2GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 128GB mSATA SSD.  For $1600 you will get 256GB SSD with PCIe and if you want 4GB of DDR5 memory for the GPU expect to pay $1700.  For those extremely serious about PC gaming and money is not a concern there will also be the top of the line model which features 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and 4GB of DDR5 RAM for the Nvidia GPU, however no pricing has been determined for this one yet.

The SSD for the Omen allows for a faster boot time but higher end models come with PCIe to promote even faster boot times.  While some may think the 1080p 15.6 inch screen is rather a set back this was something that was actually thought about and planned.  Mike Nash stated that they believe gamers care more about frame rates as oppose to higher display.  Thus they believe they will be making PC gamers happier with lower resolution and better frame rates.  The by not opting for higher display like 4K they will also be able to keep heat in check and a decent battery life.

The HP Omen comes with six programmable keys that run along side the keyboard on the left with a wide touchpad that sits in front of the keyboard.  To help with cooling there are vents all along the bottom of the laptop and hey hinges of the Omen is tinted blue on both ends.  This was done as part of the design to emulate a car’s exhaust tips after intense driving.  Dual intake fans actually pull in cool air form the front of the HP laptop and the hot air exits out of the back.

This new HP Omen has a lot to offer but just how well will it live up to and be able to compete with its rivals.  For that matter does this particular laptop do just to the Voodoo brand that once was?  Only time will tell and trust us the true gamers out there will surely let HP know if it doesn’t.  Do you think Razer and Alienware should be worried or do they have a while before HP can start to mark into PC gaming after being away and out of the gaming world for so long?

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