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HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook Great with Celeron 2955U Specs Review

For those of you not bothered by spending just a little bit more money the new HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook is now available. This Hewlett-Packard Chromebook is both larger and faster than the previous 11″ version. Just like some of the latest Chromebooks from other Brand this notebook is powered by Intel Haswell 4th generation processor.

You can consider this HP Pavilion Chromebook to be the bigger brother of previously released HP Chromebook 11 however unlike little brother this one is a lot faster do to the dual core processor from Haswell. Well this is the bigger brother the 11 offers up a much better display as the HP Chromebook 14 does not come with the IPS display.

If you already know about the Chromebook 11 then most of the information for the HP 14-q010nr Chromebook will be the same. Other than the processor, display and a few tweaks in the design it is pretty much the same notebook. As for the looks and colors this version offers up three different color choices for you to choose from:  peach coral, ocean turquoise and snow white.

HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook Review
HP Pavilion 14-q010nr 14 inch Chromebook

Well it is a little better chromebook is does come with a higher price. This is the second release of the HP 14 Chromebook and the price is still the same at $299 from most online retailers. Of course $299 only gets you the Wifi version. The $299 is still a little more expensive than some of the other chrome books but the faster speed, color options, and the 14 inch display does more than make up for the extra cost. For example, Acer C720-2800 11.6 inch Chromebook can you get only for price under $250. For a little more money you can get the 4G model priced at $349.99.


A few of the things we would like to mention that we did not like are the no so great picture display. The quality here is not the best and we are sure you won’t be too impress with the 1366 x 768 resolution and sometimes the display seems really pixelated. While the HP Chromebook does come in weighing just over 4lbs many would say that is awfully heavy considering there is only 16GB for storage. One thing is that the material while good and solid for the price you will be reminded why you only paid below $400 for this notebook.
The great thing about the HP Pavilion Chromebooks are that they are just so simple.  Of course this makes them easy to use and of course maintain. This HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook features the Chrome OS operating system from Google. 14″ LED back lie display that allows a more energy efficient and thinner screen. 16GB of SSD provides for faster access and allows the HP to load or wake up in a matter of seconds.

The screen is 14″ diagonal screen size with 1366 x 768 resolution and has a Intel Celeron 2955U processor. This chrome book from HP weighs in at 4.19lbs with DDR3L SDRAM with PC3-12800 speed. There is no numeric key pad on this keyboard and comes in three colors: peach coral, snow white, and ocean turquoise.

Two USB ports for fast data transfers and while they are 3.0 ports they are fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices. If you are looking to view videos and photos on your HDTV then the HDMI ports are sure to make you happy, however HDMI cables are not included. Bluetooth wireless with a range of about 30′.

Memory card reader give more local storage and allow for easy access to files and file transfers, and compatible with other SD memory cards. This HP Pavilion Chromebook comes with built-in security hardware and helps keep all your data safe. Need to do some video and voice messaging then you are sure to love the HD webcam and microphones that are built-in.

While the HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook isn’t the best laptop on the market for the $299 price tag for WiFi only and $349.00 there are few laptops that are better or can compare.  If you are looking for something with a 14 inch screen and don’t mind spending a little more you may want to take a look at the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904. Yeah this Fujitsu is not cheap but if you really need to get the job done this is the laptop that is going to give you the performance you need.

You be the judge though since the HP Chromebook 14 is really good for the cost. And for a lot of people the price is where it starts. You may not need a powerful laptop and for those who just need access to doing simple tasks and browsing the internet this HP Pavilion 14-q010nr Chromebook surely could be the one for you.

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