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Pavilion 17-F113DX

HP Pavilion 17-F113DX 17.3 Intel Core i5 Budget Laptop Review

That’s right we are doing a review of the HP Pavilion 17-F113DX 17.3 laptop however if you are on the market and this is a option you will have a little trouble finding it.  Not too many places are carrying this model yet.  In fact about the only place right now we know of is BestBuy.  For many this is going to be a good little fit if you are looking for something to replace your desktop or to have as a second device in the house.  We wouldn’t really consider this as something you would want to carry around as it does come in weighs a little bit on the heavy side.  This HP Pavilion however does come with the Intel Haswell dual core processor and offers decent value for the price.

If you are going to try to compare this laptop to others on the market you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  This is not going to be your high end machine and but for the right person you are going to be very pleased. The Pavilion 17-F113DX comes with the 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor as mentioned above that comes with 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM.  For those who would be using this as a daily computer for light office work or general productivity application you will notice a smooth and quick performance.  The 1.7GHz goes up to 2.7GHz when the Intel Turbo Boost Technology kicks in for the more demanding processes that the notebook may need to handle.  Many of the laptops in this space and price range come with the same 750GB of SATA disk drive.  The 17-F113DX 17.3 comes with the same Intel Core i5-4210U that you would find in some of the more premium laptops.  The Intel HD 4400 allows for some video editing in Adobe Premiere or Photoshop.

The display on the HP 17-F113DX is a 17.3 inch HD Plus screen that is very large, bright and offers very good quality.  This is a laptop that was designed with multimedia in mind.  If you enjoying playing some of the modern games for PC as well as watching movies and streaming videos you will like this setup.  The WLED-backlit screen comes with HP’s BrightView Technology and supports the 1600 x 900 max screen resolution and 720p for video playback.  For those who want to watch high quality video there is the HDMI port that allows to connect to a larger monitor of television.  Located on the top of the laptops screen in the bezel you will find the front facing HD camera with microphone.

Front view of 17-f113dx


Most of the design and features will remind you of the other Pavilion models from HP.  It simple yet stylish design isn’t going to win any awards but it is durable and looks nice.  The lid comes in a natural silver color and is combined with a black interior color.  The dark great finish on the palm rest appears to be brushed metal and its low cost as it is using a simple plastic chassis.  With the 6.2 pounds it weighs and the 16.51 x 10.98 x 1.1 inch dimensions this is not really something you want to be carrying on your shoulder for a long extended period of time.  While its surely is a laptop its not something we would say is very portable other then from moving from room to room and transporting in the car.  Both the RAM and HDD on this device is hard to upgrade as it will require you to basically take the laptop apart to get to them.  However the battery is something that is removable and speaking of battery don’t really expect too much from the 4-cell unit especially when you consider the screen size.

This is a big laptop and comes with more than enough room for the DVD±RW/CD-RW optical drive that is built-in and a full sized keyboard with numeric pad on the right side.  The speakers are of decent quality and are actually equipped with Beats Audio Technology.  For connectivity you get Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Ethernet LAN.  There are is not Bluetooth or S video outputs.  You do however get 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, HDMI output and it comes with Window 8.1 64-bit for the operating system.  The software included on this device are CyberLink PowerDirector, CyberLink PhotoDirector, CyberLink PowerDVD and much more.

The HP Pavilion 17-F113DX is clearly a laptop that is built for those looking to simply replace the desktop.  You can do some light gaming and for running your daily task and getting your work done it will give you the performance you need and desire for the price.  If you are going to be needing something that is portable that you can carry around the office, on trips or maybe at school this is not something we would suggest.  This thing is heavy and not as portable as we would like to see. However is you are going to have it at a desk or in your lap for the most part and don’t want to spend more money but need that replacement laptop this maybe the one for you.

Bottom line though is that there are other better laptops on the market and if you are willing to go with a little smaller display you can really get a good laptop for the $499 that you would spend on this F113-DX from HP.  If battery life is a problem for you there are many other machines that give a lot better life or you can just invest in getting a second battery as the one on this one is removable.  However if you are going to be buying an additional battery you need to figure that in the cost as well and now you could be looking at spending over $600.  This machine comes with a good amount of memory and a powerful processor.  Remember though right now BestBuy is about the only place carrying it as the time of this post.  We are sure you will be able to find it on Amazon in the coming weeks

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